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Excellence, Sunday in the field all Pavia

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The Voghe also plays. The rules for asking for a postponement: at least 4 players, three unders or both goalkeepers are positive


Covid dribbled: all four Pavia teams of Excellence regularly return to the field on Sunday, including the Vogherese. And at the moment the Crl has confirmed the eight games scheduled for the fourth return day: Accademia Pavese-Varzi, Base 96 Seveso-Ardor Lazzate, Club Milano-Verbano, Gavirate-Calvairate, Pavia-Castanese, Settimo-Rhodense, Varesina- Vogherese, Vergiatese-Sestese.

With the restart after the long stop, the Lombard Committee of the NLD also reiterated the rules according to which it is possible to request the postponement of the matches: at least four positive players, or three under or both goalkeepers in pink, without prejudice to the right of health companies to block everything by imposing quarantine on teams. For now, the application of the professional series protocol to amateurs is not foreseen, which expands the number of positives necessary for postponements to one third of the staff, while the new “return to play” has streamlined and speeded up the procedures for the return. in the field of players recovered from the virus, reducing the time from a month to a week. This, together with the improvement of the pandemic emergency, increases confidence in the possibility of completing the season regularly, even if the teams will have to go through a tour de force in the coming months to make up for the lost time.

Contrary to what had been hypothesized in recent days, therefore the match between Varesina and Vogherese scheduled for Sunday afternoon will be played regularly. In the Rossoneri club, in fact, the players who had not trained in the early days of the week accused a simple form of flu, but the subsequent swabs they underwent ruled out the positivity to Covid. The coach Massimo Giacomotti, however, remains far from the team, and therefore will not be on the bench in Venegono Superiore, forced to observe the quarantine period at home after he tested positive. To lead the Voghe on the ground of the Varesina, there will therefore be Andrea Cavaliere, in the role of assistant coach and the athletic trainer Federico Pinto. The team, meanwhile, is continuing the march towards the away match against a big group in the group, who won 2-1 against Parisi in the first leg. The Rossoneri will carry out the traditional finishing session tomorrow morning, probably at Parisi. For the match against Varesina, Voghe will have to renounce the suspended, Riceputi and Castellano, and the injured Rana and Calviello (the second remedied a muscle relapse in last Saturday’s friendly match with Pontenurese). Choices therefore obligatory in midfield, where the Rossoneri find themselves with only Casali and Selmi available, due to the concomitant defections of Calviello and Castellano. For the replacement of Riceputi on the left side, Lorusso was tried in the tests sustained during the break, but there is also the option of the baby Andrini. –

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