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Excitement and Hope: Taiwanese Athletes Shine at Hangzhou Asian Games

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Taiwanese Public Opinion Paying Attention to Hangzhou Asian Games for Cross-Strait Exchanges

China News Service, Taipei, September 20th: Taiwanese public opinion is paying attention to the Hangzhou Asian Games and hopes that athletes from both sides of the Taiwan Strait will accumulate positive energy for people-to-people exchanges.

The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou has started. The performance of Taiwanese athletes on the field, the harmonious interaction between players from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and the technological and humanistic elements of this Asian Games have attracted the attention of Taiwanese public opinion.

Hope the “largest team in history” will win more gold medals

The opening ceremony of this Asian Games will be held on the 23rd, and many events have started recently. In the rowing women’s single sculls preliminaries held on the 20th, Taiwanese rower Huang Yiting, known as the “rowing sweetheart,” appeared with a time of 8 minutes, 08 seconds and 15 seconds. According to reports from Taiwanese media such as Lianhe Daily, China Times News Network, and Today News Network, Huang Yiting once won a silver medal in this competition at the Jakarta Asian Games. This participation may be her “last dance” at the Asian Games. She thinks she is doing well, and her goal is to regain the gold medal she missed last time.

Including Huang Yiting, more than 500 Taiwanese athletes participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games, competing in more than 30 major events; 8 Taiwanese students provided services as game volunteers, and 4 Taiwanese compatriots served as torchbearers. “The scale of participation has set a historical record. Including the coaching staff and other staff, the total number exceeds 700 people,” Taiwan News Today said, hoping that this “largest team in history” can break the record for the most gold medals in history.

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Since the opening of the Asian Games Village for the Hangzhou Asian Games on September 16, many participating teams from Baodao have moved in. According to the Central News Agency, Taiwanese athletes participating in taekwondo, shooting, equestrian, and other sports arrived on the mainland by flight on the 20th. Before their departure, Taiwanese taekwondo player Luo Jialing, who made her debut on the Asian Games stage, expressed being “excited and nervous.” She had won the women’s 57th place in taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics. She won the bronze medal in the kilogram category. She hopes to “adapt to the venue as soon as possible and win the gold medal” in this competition.

The players’ harmonious interaction helps melt the ice on both sides of the Taiwan Strait

Athletes from both sides of the Taiwan Strait compete fiercely on the field, but they have sincere friendship and sympathy for each other off the field. “Wang Bao” recently published an article pointing out that it is expected that athletes from both sides of the Taiwan Strait will once again stage interactive scenes on the competitive stage of the Asian Games.

Previously, Taiwanese badminton player Tai Tzu Ying and mainland star Chen Yufei posted photos together online. Cross-strait tennis players Hsieh Shu-wei and Wang Xinyu formed the “Strait Team” to win the French Open women’s doubles championship. The 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu was held this summer. China and mainland China have also shown kindness to Taiwanese players. The above report stated that it is hoped that the Hangzhou Asian Games can continue this harmony and accumulate more positive energy for cross-strait people-to-people exchanges.

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“Although cross-Strait relations have had ups and downs over the past decades, the sports circles of both sides look forward to accumulating more goodwill and results for cross-Strait interactions through more exchanges and interactions, competitions, experience sharing, and talent cultivation.” Chinese Kuomintang Hong Xiuzhu, former chairman and chairman of the China Qingyan Peace Education Foundation, also expressed at a recent cross-strait event that he expected the audience to cheer for cross-strait players and show the precious friendship between the two sides of the strait.

“Internet Capital” and “Digital City” attract attention

This Asian Games has a lot of technological elements. Noting that the opening ceremony rehearsal did not include the usual “fireworks” part, “Lianhe Daily” said that the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games will use digital fireworks, allowing the audience to see unprecedented things from a unique perspective. The “fireworks” scene.

According to the “Business Times” report, Hangzhou demonstrated its advantages as an “Internet Capital” and “Digital City” at the Asian Games, making full use of smart technology to turn various digital platforms into new highlights in the Asian Games’ service guarantee work.

“Everything, including food, accommodation, transportation, and special services, can be controlled through mobile phones.” The above report stated that the catering, transportation, and commercial services of this Asian Games have also achieved dual coverage offline and “cloud”. “I believe that this Asian Games will allow the world to witness more breakthroughs and progress in terms of event hosting, cultural display, and economic and trade features.” (over)

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