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Excursion to Taveyanne, the enchanted village without electricity

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Excursion to Taveyanne, the enchanted village without electricity

Taveyanne is an enchanted town without electricity, in Switzerland, where you can have a nice trip with excursion on foot. Experiencing the thrill of the lack of electricity and telephone network. An immersion in nature and in the life of other times that it would do a little bit of good for everyonei.
It’s an easy trip, you get there by Geneva the da Martignyamong the panoramas of Vaud Alps.
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How to hike in Taveyanne, the country without electricity, in Switzerland

Taveyanne it is located at approximately 1650 meters above sea level, in canton Vaudbetween Lake Geneva and Sion.
The name of the place derives from the word «taves», which in local dialect means «tavillon», and indicates the shingles which cover the roofs of the houses which, depending on the weather, take on reflections between silver-grey and black.
The town is made up of approximately 30 Alpine chalets arranged in eight staggered rows, with the ridges perpendicular to the slope. The village was built on a large, flat clearing, above a gola in which the torrents that flow from the high peaks above. The inhabited nucleus shines in the surrounding landscape.

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Excursion to Taveyanne

The mountain pasture already existed in 1270. In 1719 it was destroyed together with the village of Gryon due to a fire. In the following years, 57 chalets were rebuilt, of which 30 remain today. Since the village is not connected to the electricity grid, most of the houses are only inhabited in summer. Taveyanne is known for its traditional midsummer celebrationwhich originates from the custom of weighing the wheels of cheese already produced on the first Sunday of August and organizing a feast for the shepherds and farmers.

To take an excursion trip you can take the cable car to Les Chaux in Barboleuse, near Gryone: from there you can reach the village in about 40 minutes. A beautiful walk in the mountains
Il Refuge de Taveyanne offers refreshment with local specialties. With another hour’s walk you are back at the mountain station. Access by car is only permitted for people with reduced mobility.

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