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«Exemption? I can still give a lot. There was a lack of respect” – breaking latest news

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«Exemption?  I can still give a lot.  There was a lack of respect” – breaking latest news

by Sports Editorial Staff

Milan coach Stefano Pioli returns to speak in the conference after the defeat in Rome: «Does the Curva ask for my dismissal? I can still give a lot.” And on Inter: «We will do everything to ensure they don’t celebrate the scudetto with us»

«There has been too much talk about me for too long. I don’t think this did anyone any good. Not to me.” Stefano Pioli returns to speak after the debacle in Rome, which cost him the Europa League. He does it in an uncomfortable position (his future at Milan has never been so in doubt) and on the eve of a derby that could give the mathematical certainty of the Scudetto to his cousins ​​Inter: «Criticism? I don’t care, you have the right to criticize and judge – he commented in the conference – both the press and the fans. There are those who did it with respect and those who did it less. But it’s something I can’t change.” Then the dig: «Not many were AC Milan fans this year. What if I envy my successor? Let’s not put the cart before the horse. It’s not my business. I have always had only one verb in my career, that is “to work”. And on the curve that he asks for his exemption: «What matters is that there are 70 thousand fans at San Siro on Monday».

The club looks around, thinks about the name of his successor, there are several names in contention: «But I feel I can give a lot to this team, as I have done since day one, receiving a lot – continued Pioli -. The team must not play for me but for itself, for the shirt and for the fans. I expect a performance from a real team: what matters is only the result, not Pioli.” Then a comment on Rome: «When we arrive too convinced we are unable to react to the difficulties. Against the Giallorossi we committed the sin of presumption. It is a mistake for which we paid dearly.”

No rift with the locker room: «I have a lot of faith in my players. We will have to make as few mistakes as possible, but I believe in it. Regardless of the positions we choose, we will all have to sacrifice ourselves. And when we have the ball we will need management to make them run and find spaces. My verb is only one, work. I try to give my best and win them all until the end. Then we’ll take stock, then I’ll tell you what I think of the season and the reason for everything that happened”, he added.

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Then the pitch, which says Inter: «Let’s not talk about me, it’s of little interest. Let’s talk about Milan, who have to overturn 5 defeats in the derby. We have to play a great game, they are strong and deserve to win the championship. But we must do everything to ensure that it doesn’t happen on Monday. My players are aware of the importance of the match, then we have to demonstrate it on the pitch.”

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