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Expedition!Chinese Swimming Team and Huayou Team Release the World Championships in Da Pest

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Expedition!Chinese Swimming Team and Huayou Team Release the World Championships in Da Pest

  Original title: Expedition!Chinese Swimming Team and Huayou Team Release the World Championships in Da Pest

On the 14th, two national teams, the Chinese Swimming Team and the Chinese Synchronized Swimming Team, set off to participate in the 19th FINA World Swimming Championships, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary from June 18 to July 3. The diving team set off a few days later.

The swimming team sent a luxurious lineup of 45 people led by famous players such as Zhang Yufei and Wang Shun. Among them, Zhang Yufei and Wang Shun aimed at the gold medal grand slam. Xu Jiayu hoped to achieve three consecutive world championships, and the relay event also has the opportunity to reach the championship podium.

Before the competition, FINA and foreign professional swimming websites have predicted that Zhang Yufei, who has won 2 golds and 2 silvers in the Tokyo Olympics, has obvious advantages in the 200-meter butterfly, but will be a crowd-pleaser in the 100-meter butterfly. Players have the opportunity to compete for gold; in addition, the Chinese team’s men’s and women’s 4×100-meter medley relay and women’s 4×200-meter freestyle relay also have the strength to win.

Zhang Yufei said: “My 200-meter butterfly is one world championship away. I am looking forward to achieving the gold medal grand slam of the short-course world championship, the Olympic championship and the world championship.”

On the eve of the expedition, Zhang Yufei also led all the female team members to dance the “Love You” dance by the swimming pool. Lively and cheerfully but confidently shouted the slogan: “Chinese swimming rides the wind and waves, come on for the World Championships!”

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Olympic champion Wang Shun has previously won the men’s 200-meter medley championship at the short-course World Championships for two consecutive times and won the title of the Tokyo Olympics champion. The only “collection gap” is the gold medal of the World Championships. He said: “Every athlete’s dream is a gold medal grand slam. When the hope is in front of me, I have to be myself, treat it with a normal heart, and hope that my dream can come true!”

Xu Jiayu first won the World Championships at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest. He returned to Blessed Land five years later with the goal of winning three consecutive men’s 100m backstroke.

The Chinese swimming team won 3 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes at the 2019 Gwangju World Championships. Xin Xin also won China‘s first world championship in the women’s 10km open water race.

The synchronized swimming team sent 13 athletes to participate in the World Championships this time, including Feng Yu, Xiao Yanning, Wang Qianyi, three famous athletes and young athletes who competed in the Tokyo Olympics and won the Olympic runner-up. They will participate in the technical and free selection of pairs and groups, all of which are based on mature competition works that have been used in the Tokyo Olympics, but with some modifications and technical innovations.

On June 17, the synchronized swimming competition of the World Championships will be the first to kick off. Twin sisters Kao Liuyi and Wang Qianyi from Guangdong will make a new appearance. Shi Haoyu and Zhang Yayi, who participated in the men’s and women’s mixed doubles competition, will continue to use the works of the previous World Championships in the technical self-selection competition, and the free self-selection competition will show the national style.

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The best record achieved by the Chinese synchronized swimming team in the previous world championships was winning the gold medal in the free combination competition at the Budapest World Championships in 2017, and for the first time on the podium of the world championships, achieving a historic breakthrough. In the 2019 Gwangju World Championships, China Huayou Team won 5 silver medals in the group and duo events, and the mixed duo refreshed the best result and ranked sixth. (Reporters Zhou Xin, Gao Meng, Ji Jiadong)

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