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Expenses 2021, Red Bull under accusation Risks penalties and budget cuts

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F1. The FIA ​​will decide by 5 October, doubts about last year’s results

the background

Formula 1 calls into question the result of 2021. According to rumors that have troubled Verstappen’s birthday party in Singapore, Aston Martin and especially Red Bull have violated the budget cap. That is, they spent more than allowed on development and innovation to earn horsepower and save precious tenths of a second on the track. The situation of the two teams is different: Aston Martin would have breached by 5 million, a figure that exposes it to the risk of a fine. But for Red Bull, if the rumors were confirmed, the omitted figures would amount to ten million and would include penalties in points for the team or budget cuts in 2023 cap.

A solution that would settle the accounts, but would leave an aura of injustice: the technical and sporting regulations have the same value as the financial ones introduced last year, so, in summary, the car with which Verstappen won the title was not regular. It is the first problem for the president of the FIA, Mohammed Bin Sulayem. A customary reply came out yesterday from his offices: «The Federation is currently evaluating the 2021 financial data presented by the Formula 1 teams.

Any violations, if any, will be dealt with according to the formal process established in the regulation ”. The outcome of the audit was expected on September 30th and was postponed to October 5th, a few days before the Japanese GP that should crown Verstappen again champion. And again with an uneven single-seater, if it turns out that the budget cap 2022 has also broken through the roof. The Red Bull legal offices are working on the 180 pages of the regulation to prove that it contains gray areas and prove that the overshoot did not exceed 5 million, so as to fall within the minor penalty (fine). “There is not enough gray in a regulation to justify such high costs,” argues Haas team principal Gunther Steiner. With 10 million a team pays for the developments of a season. And, in combination, it was precisely on the developments that the challenge with the Cavallino was decided.

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Ferrari is silent. In the 2022 season he is an injured party, while in 2023 he could benefit from a penalty from rivals. On the other hand, Mattia Binotto had already raised his eyebrow several times looking at the quantity of pieces that Red Bull kept trying. Including a phantom frame that was built, crash tested and never used because it didn’t fit within the budget as it is now useless. Toto Wolff (Mercedes) attacks: «We are talking about 2021, but also this year. We are worried, we are talking about millions of dollars: the difference between winning and losing ».

It was he in 2017, to the objection that the controls of a possible cap would be evaded by the relocation, to answer: “There is only one solution: those who make mistakes are out”. While waiting for the FIA ​​to speak out, Horner (Red Bull) is forced to say he is calm: «We are an easy target to point the finger at. I have faith in the FIA ​​». But the Formula 1 system is shaking. –

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