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Experience value up!Zhangjiakou Regional Test Series ends in an orderly manner to welcome the Winter Olympics_Venue_Guarantee_Work

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Original title: Experience value up!Zhangjiakou Regional Test Series ends in an orderly manner to welcome the Winter Olympics

A few days ago, the Beijing 2021-2022 International Snow Federation Ski Jumping and the Nordic Intercontinental Cup came to a successful conclusion. The Zhangjiakou competition area completed all the guarantees for the events in an efficient and orderly manner, and accumulated experience for the holding of the Winter Olympics.

Accumulate experience in test competitions and comprehensively improve the level of competition

During the test competition, the beautiful shape and high-standard track of the National Ski Jumping Center “Xue Ruyi” left a deep impression on the athletes. Through this test competition, the operation team carried out linkage tests on competition venues, timing and scoring, sports exhibitions, on-site awards, medical treatment and other aspects, laying a solid foundation for the success of the Winter Olympics.

During the test competition, the National Ski Jumping Center showed on the spot that the average download rate of 5G signals was 1.2G. The 5G network constructed by China Unicom in the Zhangjiakou competition area uses a 3.5G+2.1G hybrid network. It can open 200M carrier aggregation during the Winter Olympics. Advanced technologies such as super uplink can be applied to ensure the stable operation of communications.

Wu Junfeng, communications manager of the guarantee team of China Unicom’s National Ski Jumping Center: Through this inspection, we will also accumulate experience for the race, and at the same time solve the corresponding problems, we will provide better services at that time.

In the dining hall of the staff outside the closed loop of the ancient poplar venue group, the dishes are steaming hot and the varieties are rich and varied.

Xue Jingbo, Food and Beverage Manager of Guyangshu Stadium Group: It is tested according to the menu of the Winter Olympic Games. If we follow the half-hour cycle, within two hours, we should be able to guarantee nearly 1,400 people to eat.

In order to minimize food waste, the ancient poplar venues have worked hard in the central kitchen for fresh-cut processing, distribution of clean vegetables and admission, special personnel responsible for tableware recycling and guidance, dry and wet garbage classification, and use of biodegradable tableware. The results have been achieved. Initially revealed during the test match. In the case of ensuring the smooth dining of more than 450 people, only about 30 kilograms of kitchen waste were generated during the entire dining process, which is less than 70 grams per person on average.

Full-service reporter interviews and reports

In the just-concluded series of test matches in Zhangjiakou, the media centers of various venues provided full-service reporters for interviews and reports, helping the media coverage of the Winter Olympics.

The media center of the National Ski Jumping Stadium is located under the north jumping platform and connected to the stands, which is convenient for reporters to interview and shoot. During the event, reporters can ask athletes questions via video connection.

In the National Cross-Country Skiing Center, the media center here has more than 200 reporter stations, and the big screen displays information such as weather conditions and race schedules.

Great Wall New Media reporter Su Xiaorui: The facilities here are very complete, which provides very convenient conditions for our media work.

The media center also arranges professional camera staff in the closed loop, and the closed-loop staff will cooperate with the shooting and interviews when reporters have interview needs. Through the operation of the test match, the venue media center reviewed the service and prepared for the official match.Return to Sohu to see more


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