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Exploring Beauty in Switzerland: Decoding Europe’s Cutting-Edge Biotechnology and Swiss Skin Care Aesthetics

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Exploring Beauty in Switzerland: Decoding Europe’s Cutting-Edge Biotechnology and Swiss Skin Care Aesthetics

Title: “La Estephe’s ‘Exploring Switzerland Season 1’ Showcases Cutting-Edge Biotechnology and Swiss Skincare Aesthetics”

On October 17th, the micro-variety show “Exploring Switzerland Season 1” by La Estephe took viewers on an immersive journey through the world-famous anti-aging medical town of Montreux, Switzerland. The show followed Hong Kong socialite Fang Yuan, Chinese millionaire Internet celebrity Wang Hongquanxing, and well-known European skincare expert Gosia as they delved into the world of European cutting-edge biotechnology and Swiss skincare aesthetics.

Switzerland is renowned worldwide as a beauty destination and a leader in biotechnology, particularly in the fields of medical beauty and living cell anti-aging. La Estephe, a Swiss skincare brand, has gained global recognition in the high-end market. Its success can be attributed to Switzerland’s vibrant biotechnology innovation. The first stop for the fashion influencers on “Exploring Beauty in Switzerland” was a visit to La Estephe’s R&D center and factory.

La Estephe’s R&D center boasts a team of over ten scientific researchers who have surpassed many European big names in the field. In fact, they won first place in the IN-COSMETICS GLOBAL formula competition. During their visit, the fashion celebrities had the opportunity to explore the three laboratories of the R&D center, focusing on the application of active ingredients in anti-aging skincare and research on formulation process innovation. La Estephe’s R&D center has achieved remarkable research results over the past 30 years. In 1994, the team discovered the “cell transdifferentiation” mechanism in jellyfish, leading to the development of skincare products with strong repair and anti-aging effects.

Later, the fashion celebrities visited La Estephe’s skincare product factory, known for its adherence to high European quality standards. This century-old factory, originally located in Sweden, received recognition from the Swedish royal family and was awarded a chartered royal emblem.

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During the show, Chinese millionaire internet celebrity Wang Hongquanxing engaged in a deep dialogue with Sofia, the chief formulator of La Estephe’s R&D center. Wang asked about product innovation and how to capture the hearts of consumers in the highly competitive facial mask market. Sofia emphasized the strict R&D and innovation process, stating that they study the specific needs of different regions and innovate accordingly to achieve the best results for consumers.

Gosia, the well-known European skincare expert, raised a question about the advantages of La Estephe’s Resmeil Queen Bee series skincare products. Ludovic, the chief skincare product formulator, explained the concept of epigenetics and drew a parallel with queen bees. He highlighted the use of active substances extracted from the royal jelly consumed by the queen bee, demonstrating the product’s ability to promote cell metabolism, even out skin tone, and repair the skin.

Since the launch of “Exploring Switzerland Season 1,” La Estephe has garnered significant attention and praise, thanks to the involvement of Hong Kong fashion celebrities Fang Yuan, Wang Hongquanxing, and Gosia. The show promises more surprises as it continues to explore Montreux, Switzerland. Viewers can look forward to uncovering the secrets of Europe’s cutting-edge biotechnology and Swiss skincare aesthetics through La Estephe’s “Exploring Switzerland Season 1.”

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