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Exposing Real Madrid’s annual salary of 14 million euros invites Pogba to give him another 30 million signing fees

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Original title: Exposure that Real Madrid invites Pogba to give him another 30 million signing fees with an annual salary of 14 million euros

On October 16, Beijing time, Spanish media “ABC” reported that Real Madrid is eager to sign a free agent Pogba next summer and give him a contract with an annual salary of up to 14 million euros after tax. In order to defeat potential competitors, Real Madrid also intends to give Pogba a signing fee of up to 30 million euros.

As we all know, although Zidane left the Bernabeu, Real Madrid coach Florentino is still building the “French Gang” step by step. At present, there are three French players in Real Madrid, namely Benzema, Mendi and Kamavenga. Next, Real Madrid’s main target is Mbappe and Pogba. It should be pointed out that whether it is Mbappe or Pogba, their contracts will expire next summer, when Real Madrid will have the opportunity to sign them for free. However, Real Madrid wants to sign Mbappe and Pogba without spending a penny on the transfer fee, and must be given a high-paying contract and a large signing fee. After all, they are both delicious in the transfer market. Spanish media “ABC” stated that Barcelona is also eager to sign Pogba.

In fact, Manchester United do not want to let Pogba go. The Red Devils are actively approaching the players, hoping to sign a new contract as soon as possible. It is reported that Manchester United provided Pogba with a contract with a weekly salary of more than 400,000 euros. Although Manchester United is full of sincerity, Pogba does not want to continue to play for the Red Devils, because he, like Mbappe, has a dream of being imperial. As early as the summer of 2019, Pogba issued a declaration of leaving the team, hoping to join the Bernabeu. It was just that Manchester United was asking for prices so desperately that he could only continue to stay at Old Trafford. Today, Pogba’s contract with Manchester United will expire next summer. The French midfielder, who is about to become a free agent, naturally does not consider renewing the contract with the club because it will be more convenient to leave the team at that time.

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What needs to be pointed out is that Pogba, who has been in a muddled competitive state in the past few seasons, has played well this season. Although he did not score in 9 appearances, he sent 7 assists and led the Premier League assists list. The outstanding performance of the French midfielder, Let Ronaldo benefit very much. Because of this, Manchester United hopes to renew the contract with Pogba and gives a contract with a weekly salary of up to 400,000 euros. The cruel reality is that there are only two and a half months left until the 2022 winter window opens. According to FIFA regulations, Pogba can contact any club as a free agent in January next year and complete the signing, and then next summer. Formally joined. It is reported that Pogba’s agent Raiola and Real Madrid chairman Florentino are in contact. If this transaction is successful, Pull Fat will also receive a high commission.

For Pogba, if he signs with Real Madrid, he will become one of the highest paid players in world football today, with an annual salary of up to 14 million euros after tax, ranking first in the Galaxy Fleet. In addition, Pogba will also receive a signing fee of up to 30 million euros. Prior to this, Real Madrid used high salary + signing fee to waive the visa from Bayern Munich to Alaba, and now they are actively fighting for Pogba and Mbappé.Return to Sohu to see more


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