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F1 Australia Station – Leclerc takes pole position Zhou Guanyu’s 14th Alonso hits the wall_Stroll_Accident_track

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F1 Australia Station – Leclerc takes pole position Zhou Guanyu’s 14th Alonso hits the wall_Stroll_Accident_track

Original title: F1 Australia Station – Leclerc lore takes pole position Zhou Guanyu 14th Alonso hits the wall

On April 9th, Beijing time, the Australian Grand Prix, the third stop of the 2022 F1 season, ended the qualifying competition at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne. Ferrari driver Leclerc completed the lore, with the fastest lap of 1:17.868, and took pole position after the season opener Bahrain Grand Prix. The two Red Bull drivers Verstappen and Perez ranked second and third respectively. . Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu finished 14th, with Latifi, Stroll and Alonso all having accidents and causing red flags.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the F1 Australian Grand Prix has finally returned after a two-year absence, but the track layout has undergone tremendous changes. The lap length has been shortened by 28 meters, some corners have been widened, and high-speed corners have been added to facilitate overtaking. Provide more space. Vettel’s new crown test returned to the paddock to usher in his first game of the season, but after Friday’s practice, he drove Matthew’s scooter from the track to the pit lane and was found to have violated the rules and had to accept a fine of 5,000 euros. And in the three practice sessions before the start of qualifying, Vettel and teammate Stroll both crashed into the wall.

The first quarter of qualifying: Zhou Guanyu entered Q2 for three consecutive games, and Latifi collided

The qualifying race was held in fine weather, the temperature was 23.8 degrees Celsius, the track surface temperature was 32 degrees, and the humidity was 54%. All drivers were on red C5 soft tires. Ferrari duo Leclerc and Sainz once occupied the top two. After that, Verstappen refreshed his personal best and was just stuck between the two Ferraris. Although Hamilton played very late, he still rushed to eighth after his efforts. Latifi locked up at turn 11 and the car lost control and ran over the gravel buffer zone before returning to the track.

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With 2 minutes and 01 seconds left before the stop watch, there was a crash on the track. Stroll and Latifi collided at turns 5/6. Stroll had just played and was still in the warm-up lap. Latifi gave way out of the car line at turn 4, and then Stroll passed, and then Latifi passed Stroll again. At this time, Stroll’s right front wheel hit Latifi’s Left rear wheel. Latifi then hit the wall, knocking off the car’s nose and tires. The accident resulted in a red flag and the incident will be investigated after the race.

Vettel had no hope of playing, but the red flag bought precious time for Aston Martin’s technicians and Vettel played after the restart. Hamilton and Russell did not cross the starting line before the stopwatch, so they were unable to complete the final lap of the sprint. In the end, Red Bull took the top two, Verstappen took the first place at 1:18.580, Perez, Leclerc and Sainz ranked second to fourth respectively. Zhou Guanyu ranked 14th in 1:19.910 and advanced to Q2.

The drivers who stopped in Q1 include: Albon, Magnussen, Vettel, Latifi and Stroll, of which Stroll has no valid results, and Albon’s car stopped on the edge of the track and had to be in Matthew With the help of pushing the car to safety, Alben needed to be penalized three places to start this weekend due to an accident with Stroll at the Saudi Grand Prix.

The second quarter of qualifying: Zhou Guanyu 14th McLaren join hands to enter Q3

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Due to the breakdown of Albon, Q2 was delayed until 14:44 Beijing time. Mercedes’ dolphin jump continued to plague both drivers this weekend, with Russell losing control at turn 11 briefly triggering the yellow flag, the race stewards informed Gasly that he was being investigated for an unsafe release from the pits, and Perez’s unsafe release from the pit lane. Slowdowns are investigated. When Hamilton was doing the speeding lap, he happened to meet Verstappen in the return lap, and the two “passed by”. Zhou Guanyu temporarily ranked 13th in the first flying lap at 1:20.438.

In the end, Perez beat Sainz and Leclerc at 1:18.340 to take the first place, and Hamilton ranked eighth to advance. Eliminated drivers are: Gasly, Bottas, Kakuda Yuyi, Zhou Guanyu (14th) and Mick Schumacher. For the first time since 2012, both drivers have qualified for the third quarter of the McLaren team; AlphaTauri has not qualified for Q3 for the first time since last year’s Russian Grand Prix.

Qualifying in the third quarter: Leclerc takes pole position and Alonso hits the wall

In Q3, with 6 minutes and 58 seconds left before the stopwatch, Alonso had just refreshed S2 when he crashed into the wall on the same lap. A522 hit the wall at the 11th turn, and the car hung on the left front and broke, and the red flag appeared again in the race. Alonso said in the radio: “Without the hydraulic system, I can’t shift gears.” At this time, Sainz, Russell and Alonso, who had the accident, have not yet achieved effective results, Leclerc 1 minute 18 seconds 239 Temporarily ranked first, Perez and Verstappen ranked second and third respectively, with a gap of 0.001 seconds between the two Red Bull drivers.

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In the final stage, Perez set a new personal fastest lap, but this time it was 0.001 seconds slower than Leclerc. Before and after the stopwatch, Verstappen and Leclerc also refreshed the fastest. Leclerc completed the lore and won the 11th pole position in his F1 career with a score of 1:17.868, and the second pole position this season. Verstappen was second with 0.286 seconds behind, with Perez third. The fourth to tenth places are: Norris, Hamilton, Russell, Ricciardo, Ocon, Sainz and Alonso. The main race of the Australian Grand Prix will be held at 13:00 Beijing time on April 10. (Tauranga)Return to Sohu, see more


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