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F1 Charles Leclerc: “Too shy at first: it took me a year to understand Ferrari”

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The Monegasque and his early years in Formula 1, from awe in duels to apprenticeship in Maranello: “Since my beginnings I have grown a lot, now I have everything under control and I learn every time I wear a helmet”

He has only been in Formula 1 for four seasons, but he seems to know this championship as if he had been competing there for several years. Charles Leclerc impressed everyone with the ease with which he entered the upper floors, first at his debut with Alfa Romeo and then with Ferrari. However, not even for the Monegasque born in 1997 was it easy to establish himself on certain levels. Fault of a certain awe for the most famous colleagues and the natural lack of experience.


As reported by the German portal Speedweek, Leclerc admitted he struggled in the first hand-to-hand duels: “I was quite intimidated in my first weekends in F1. After all, I suddenly raced against drivers that I used to admire only on TV. But then I said to myself: ‘Not you can go on like this! ”So I got used to racing against world champions and GP winners.” Lesson learned, as demonstrated by the change of mentality put on by Charles: “Today I only think about the duel, not what my opponent has already achieved previously”.


The safer approach allowed Leclerc to experience a first season in Ferrari beyond all expectations, with pearls at Spa and Monza 2019. Yet it was not so easy to adapt to the Maranello Red, as he revealed at Beyond the Grid: “I immediately felt at home with Ferrari, but it took me almost a year to understand all the dynamics in a great team, starting with how to react to difficulties. If I think about it today, it seems like a very long time, too. if at the time it didn’t seem that way. Rather, in my first season at Ferrari I noticed constant progress until I had the situation under control “.


Charles now feels like a driver on the rise, thanks to an increasingly precise working method: “Since I joined Ferrari in 2019, I have gone through a process of maturation as a person and as a driver – he says -. It is difficult to say how much I am. improved. Compared to before, I work in much more detail. This is a sport where you learn something every time you wear a helmet. “


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