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F1 GP free practice in Saudi Arabia. TV schedule and live from 2.30 pm – Sport

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Lewis Hamilton a Jeddah (Anas)

Jeddah, 3 December 2021 – All in two races, the race for the drivers’ title Formula One between Max Versptappen e Lewis Hamilton you decide between Jeddah e Abu Dhabi. The two are divided by 8 points, the Dutch is in front, but the British have won the last two GPs. On the other hand, there are no references on the Jeddah circuit: it is unpublished. Verstappen still has the option to end the game if he wins, with the fastest lap (+1 point), and Hamilton finishes sixth or lower. On the other hand, if the Dutchman does not finish the race or does not reach the points, the British with the second place can secure the title. Ferrari is aiming for third constructors place, but McLaren is lurking.

Today the first free practice session at 2.30 pm, while the FP2 at 6 pm. Follow the live stream below.

The drivers and constructors rankings

TV schedules

The weekend in Saudi Arabia will be broadcast live on Sky Sport Formula 1. Friday Free Practice 1 at 2.30pm, Free Practice 2 at 6pm, Saturday Free Practice 3 at 3pm, Qualifying at 6pm. Race on Sunday at 6.30pm. Scheduled for the deferred on TV 8.


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