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F1 GP of France, Leo Turrini’s report cards. Leclerc scores own goal – Sport – Formula1

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F1 GP of France, Leo Turrini’s report cards.  Leclerc scores own goal – Sport – Formula1

Le Castellet, 24 July 2022 – Max Verstappen vince it French GP 2022 and puts his hands on Formula 1 World Championship. The Dutchman of Red Bull closes in front of a Lewis Hamilton increasingly on the ball and George Russell. Resounding comeback of Carlos Sainz: from 19th to fifth. The loser of the day is Charles Leclerc who with his Ferrari ends up against a wall on lap 18 when he was leading the race. Below the report cards by Leo Turrini.

10 a Sainz

From the bottom he makes a moving competition. He puts in overtaking applause and only a mess of the team in the pits denies him a podium that would have been sensationally deserved. Hombre Vertical.

10 a Verstappen

Put your hands on the world title. By now it will be really difficult to throw him off the throne. In France, Leclerc’s misadventure makes his life easy. It is also making a difference that the Dutch are never wrong.

9 a Hamilton

Another step forward. The seven-time world champion wins a second place which is a reward for his and Mercedes’ tenacity. At this point, perhaps his first victory of the season is not far off.

8 a Russell

He is really a tenacious type, the young squire of the Mercedes. Argues repeatedly on the track with the Mexican Perez and then in the final goes to claw the lowest step of the podium taking advantage of a blatant distraction of the opponent Bibitaro.

7 to Alonso

From the day he beats the lap record of a driver on the Formula 1 world championship tracks, Fernando confirms his vocation for immortality. He is again in the top 10 and really deserves a more competitive Alpine Renault.

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7 a Norris

He is the one who holds the honor of mclaren high. he still does not have a car to match his talent, but at every opportunity he manages to invent something in order not to be too far from the best. Good boy.

5 a Leclerc

It also happens to the best to make mistakes. The mistake was sensational and thwarted a perfect start. He was very honest in publicly admitting his own goal. For sure he will have the opportunity to be forgiven by the fans.

5 a Binotto

Of course it is not his fault that I throw the Clips away with a rookie mistake… On the other hand, the team did not need to be smudged on the occasion of Sainz’s break. These are mistakes not to be repeated.

4 to Perez

The Mexican may have drunk too much chamomile tea before the start of the race. He repeatedly falls asleep at the wheel and the way he gets Russell to blow third place is frankly embarrassing.

4 a Bottas

After a brilliant start to the season, the former Hamilton butler seems to have settled back on the memories of the past. Drive Alfa Romeo with the air of a listless taxi driver – too little.

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