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F1 GP United States, Fernando Alonso in Austin with a special helmet for the Canaries

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The Alpine rider will race in the next GP in the United States with a design on the helmet designed to remember the drama of the Canary Island, hit by the eruption of the Cumbre Veja volcano, which involved over 7,000 people

Not just F1 for Fernando Alonso, the Alpine driver has always been very attentive to current events. For a month, the Spanish island of La Palma has been in full emergency. The awakening of the Cumbre Veja volcano, fifty years after the last eruption, is bringing with it dramatic consequences. Lava flows continue to descend from the crater with a heavy toll: 736 hectares of land destroyed and over 7,000 people forced to evacuate. This episode touched the former Ferrari driver closely, who decided to show his closeness to the inhabitants of the Canary Island.


The Asturian rider showed on social media the helmet with which he will take to the track in Texas, in the next United States GP. On the back, the drawing of the eruption of a volcano is clearly visible, complete with lava coming out of the crater. All this is the background to the words “La Palma” in white, yellow and blue. A chromatic choice that is not random, given that they represent the colors of the flag of the Canary Islands. Other aspects usually present on the helmet of the two-time world champion have been confirmed, such as the reference to Asturias and the Spanish national flag.


The emergency in La Palma seems to have deeply affected Alonso. Other details also suggest this, such as an Instagram story in which a shot shows from the satellite how intense the volcanic activity is in the area. For further details, Fernando asked to wait on Thursday, when he will speak to the media in Austin, home of the United States Grand Prix, the seventeenth round of the Formula 1 World Championship.

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