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F1 great Sir Frank Williams dies

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Sir Frank Williams, founder of the Williams F1 team, has passed away at the age of 79.

Earlier this week, Williams was admitted to the hospital again for treatment, and then passed away on Sunday morning accompanied by his family.

In 1977, Sir Frank founded the current Williams team. In 1979 the team won the manufacturer of the year second place, and in the 1980 season Alan Jones won the team’s first world championship. In the decades that followed, the Williams team became one of the most successful teams in F1 history.

In the nearly 40 years that Sir Frank led the team, he has witnessed the team’s 114 victories, 312 podiums, 128 pole positions, 9 manufacturer championships and 7 drivers championships.

In 2012, Sir Frank resigned from the Williams team board of directors, but retained the position of team leader. His daughter Claire is responsible for the daily operations of the team.

In the middle of last year, after the American investment company Dorilton Capital acquired the entire business, the Williams family withdrew from the operation of the team, and therefore bid farewell to the F1 stage, although the team still retained his name.

“Williams Racing feels very sad about the passing of our founder Sir Frank Williams,” said Jost Capito, CEO of Williams Racing. “Sir Frank is the legend and symbol of our sport. His death marked the end of an era for our team and F1 sport.

“He is unique and a true pioneer. Although he has encountered considerable difficulties in his life, he led our team to 16 world championships, making us the most successful in the history of the sport. One of his team. His values, including integrity, teamwork, strong independence and determination, are still the core spirit of our team and a legacy left by him. We are also cited in the race under the name of the Williams family. I am proud of it. In this difficult time, we have a heart for the Williams family.”

In 2013, Sir Frank’s wife Virginia died after 46 years of marriage. Today, in addition to his daughter Claire, he still has two sons Johnson and Jamie.

After hearing the news of Sir Frank’s death, people in the racing industry and organizations expressed their condolences.

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton wrote on social media: “Sir Frank Williams is one of the kindest people I have had the honor to meet in this sport. His achievements are truly special. Until In his last days, I know that he is still a racer, a man full of fighting spirit. His legacy will be passed on forever.”

As one of the rivals of the Williams team, Ferrari wrote: “We pay tribute to this great man who played an important role in the history of F1 racing. Sir Frank is passionate about motorsports and he is a firm and brave opponent. , Leading the team named after him to great success.”

F1 also stated on official social media: “We feel great and deep sadness for the death of Sir Frank Williams. His life was driven by a passion for motorsports; he left an immeasurable spiritual legacy. It will always be part of F1. It is an enlightenment and an honor to know him. We will miss him deeply and deeply.”

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