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F1 Italian Grand Prix: Verstappen wins Zhou Guanyu and points again – yqqlm

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F1 Italian Grand Prix: Verstappen wins Zhou Guanyu and points again – yqqlm

Original title: F1 Italian Grand Prix: Verstappen wins Zhou Guanyu and points again

Xinhua News Agency, Rome, September 11. The Formula One (F1) Italian Grand Prix will start the race at the Monza circuit on the 11th. McLaren driver Ricardo’s car broke down towards the end of the race and the drivers were led across the finish line by the safety car. Red Bull driver Verstappen started seventh and won the championship, winning five consecutive races.

Ferrari driver Leclerc won his eighth pole position of the season in qualifying on the 10th, becoming the first driver to win eight pole positions on behalf of Ferrari in a single season since Michael Schumacher in 2004, defending the team’s Home glory.

After the start of the race, Leclerc maintained the leading position, Verstappen rose 4 places to third on the second lap, and chased behind Leclerc on the fifth lap.

On lap 12, Aston Martin driver Vettel’s car malfunctioned, triggering a virtual safety car. Leclerc took the opportunity to pit to change to medium tires and came out in third place.

On the 26th lap, Verstappen also pitted and changed to medium tires. After returning to the track, he was ranked second behind Leclerc 9.7 seconds.

On the 34th lap, Leclerc made a second stop to change to soft tires, but the Monegasque with the dominant tires could not close the gap with Verstappen after leaving the station.

On the 48th lap, Ricciardo’s car stopped beside the track with a malfunction. The safety car was dispatched, and a large number of drivers chose to pit. Due to the time it took to clear the car, the race was not restarted for the last five laps, and the race was finally finished under the leadership of the safety car. Verstappen has obvious advantages in the long distance, winning the Italian Grand Prix for the first time and becoming the ninth driver in F1 history to win five consecutive victories. Leclerc won the runner-up, Mercedes driver Russell won the third.

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The Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu of the Alfa Romeo team started in ninth place and finally finished the race in tenth place, earning the sixth point of the season. Although Alpine driver Alonso retired due to racing problems, he completed the 349th race of his F1 career at this station, tying the race record created by Raikkonen.

After 16 races, Verstappen once again expanded his lead in the standings with 335 points, Leclerc came to second place with 219 points, and Red Bull driver Perez ranked third with 9 points behind. In terms of teams, Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes are still in the top three. The next stop, the Singapore Grand Prix, will take place on October 2.

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