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F1 Miami Station – Ferrari takes pole position Zhou Guanyu stops Q1 for the first time_Alonso_Grand Prix_Results

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F1 Miami Station – Ferrari takes pole position Zhou Guanyu stops Q1 for the first time_Alonso_Grand Prix_Results

Original title: F1 Miami Station – Ferrari took the lead and took pole position Zhou Guanyu stopped Q1 for the first time

In the early morning of May 8, Beijing time, the fifth round of the 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix ended the qualifying competition at the Miami International Circuit. Ferrari swept the front row, and Leclerc won his third pole position of the season and the 12th of his career with the fastest lap of 1:28.796; another Ferrari driver Sainz 0.190 seconds behind ranked second, Red Bull drivers Verstappen and Perez ranked third and fourth respectively. Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu ranked 17th, and his personal F1 career stopped at the Q1 stage for the first time.

After years of speculation and negotiation, the long-awaited Miami Grand Prix is ​​finally taking place at Miami Gardens, a 5.412-kilometer, 19-corner, counterclockwise lap about 25 kilometers north of downtown Miami, Florida. , is built around the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. It’s also the first time F1 has raced in Florida since the 1959 United States Grand Prix at Sebring International Speedway.

The first quarter of qualifying: Zhou Guanyu’s 17th stop Le withholding Red Bull is the fastest

At the beginning of Q1, the temperature was 34 degrees Celsius, the track temperature was 53 degrees, and the humidity was 37%. Although the FIA ​​gave a 20% chance of rain during qualifying, it was clear skies. All drivers played on soft tires. Zhou Guanyu rushed to fifth in 1:31.020 in the first lap. At that time, Toro Rosso had Verstappen and Perez occupy the top two positions. However, Leclerc quickly made a score of 1:29.474 to rise to the first place.

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Hamilton’s speeding lap made a mistake, ranking 18th only 1 minute before the stopwatch, while Alonso made a mistake and brushed the protective wall. However, both of them made good results in the final stage, occupying the fifth and sixth positions respectively and successfully passed the test. Aokang, who hit the wall in the third practice, simply did not appear on the stage due to the damage to the chassis of the car, and was absent from the qualifying.

Zhou Guanyu encountered serious traffic conditions at turn 17 when he sprinted at the last moment and failed to achieve the desired result. In the end, Magnussen, Zhou Guanyu, Albon, Latifi and Ocon stopped in Q1. This is also the first time that Zhou Guanyu has failed to enter the Q2 stage of qualifying since he joined F1.

Second quarter qualifying: Alonso led five people and missed Q3, Bottas advanced to sixth

Before the start of Q2, the Haas team, which is playing at home, arranged for Mick Schumacher to prepare for the first appearance at the exit of the pit lane. Russell did not run the speeding lap after completing the exit lap, and directly took the car W13 back to the pit lane. Kakuda Yugi rubbed the retaining wall in the speeding circle. Alonso and Sainz were recorded by the stewards at Turns 11 to 16, but after reviewing the video, it was announced that no further investigation was necessary. Drivers eliminated in Q2: Alonso, Russell, Vettel, Ricciardo, Mick Schumacher. Stroll entered Q3 for the first time this season, and Bottas was 6th in Q2.

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Q3 qualifying: Ferrari takes pole position

After the start of Q3, all ten drivers completed their first attempt. Verstappen took the temporary pole position in 1:28.991, and Leclerc temporarily took second place than Verstappen in 0.064 seconds. In the final sprint, Leclerc improved his lap performance and won the pole position in the first F1 Grand Prix in Miami with a score of 1:28.796; another Ferrari driver Sainz was 0.190 seconds behind in the final lap. Verstappen, who had obvious mistakes, only finished third. The fourth to tenth places are: Perez, Bottas, Hamilton, Gasly, Norris, Kakuda Yugi and Stroll. The Miami Grand Prix race will be held at 3:30 am Beijing time on May 9.

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