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F1 Singapore, Perez (with penalty) triumphs! The Ferraris of Leclerc and Sainz are beaten

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F1 Singapore, Perez (with penalty) triumphs!  The Ferraris of Leclerc and Sainz are beaten

The Mexican burns the red of the Monegasque at the start and never gives up his head to the finish line. The victory is confirmed despite the 5 second penalty for failing to respect the distance from the Safety Car. The two reds on the podium. Verstappen struggles but is only 7th

Giusto Ferronato

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Another bitter morsel for Charles Leclerc and Ferrari. In Singapore Sergio Perez won, even if the Mexican’s success came with the yellow and well after the podium ceremony because Checo was investigated for failure to respect the distance from a Safety Car. The decision to evaluate the case only after the GP: after the Monza case for those 7 final laps behind the Safety Car, the issue of slow decision-making during the same race becomes more and more current and a source of controversy. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto himself did not hide his disappointment: “Sorry nothing was decided during the race, but they probably didn’t want to make hasty decisions. Of course Charles wore the tires more than he should ”he commented before the decision was announced. But in the end, Perez’s victory was confirmed, despite a 5-second penalty (he had 7 “5 on Leclerc) and for the Ferrari driver this is the seventh time this season that he hasn’t achieved success after Saturday’s pole position. in short, something is always missing, even if the Monegasque’s race was all in all linear and positive.

lightning perez

What went wrong? The start, basically, when Perez was a flash from the second pitch to take the head to never let go. Yet another confirmation of the overall superiority of Red Bull, which on Sunday (almost) always manages to express more potential than Ferrari, at least with reference to the result on the checkered flag. The other Ferrari of Carlos Sainz was also on the podium in front of the two McLarens of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, while the world leader Max Verstappen, who started eighth, was able to climb up to fifth place, before a fatal error in braking at the restart of the Lap 39, in an attempt to pass Norris. For Max, at the end only 7th, the streak of 5 consecutive victories is interrupted, but the Dutch world title is only postponed.

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rain protagonist

The rain delayed the start by an hour and the wet track made this race practically endless: the checkered flag was waved two laps before the expected 61, at the end of the two hours of the race. Perez won with merit on the track, taking his head at the start and never letting go. Even in the final he was good, because when he was informed of the possible penalty, he extended the advantage over Leclerc to 7 “5, in view of a 5” penalty, as happened later. But it was difficult to accept not knowing the name of the winner at the checkered flag, letting the drivers have to modify their driving in anticipation of an unknown penalty or be able to manage the tires (as in the case of Leclerc) because the stewards were considering whether to intervene or not. Not to mention the award ceremony, with the first step of the podium with the question mark in place of the drivers.

few emotions

The race, in truth, was quite soporific, with the drivers careful not to make mistakes on slimy asphalt. Perez and Leclerc for the whole race had a higher pace than the others, only eliminated by the Virtual Safety Cars and Safety Cars that came out due to Latifi’s accidents with Zhou, Alonso’s exit, Albon’s bang on the barriers. In the last restart, Perez took his distance from the Safety Car and this maneuver was investigated. Finally the Aston Martins of Stroll and Vettel in the points, sixth and eighth in the middle of the seventh place of Verstappen. Ninth Hamilton, 10th Gasly. In seven days everyone in Japan.

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