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F1 Spanish Grand Prix qualifying-Leclerc_Verstappen_Alonso_Leclerc_Verstappen_Alonso

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F1 Spanish Grand Prix qualifying-Leclerc_Verstappen_Alonso_Leclerc_Verstappen_Alonso

Original title: F1 Spanish Grand Prix qualifying – lore to win the pole position Zhou Guanyu 15th after Lock button error

On May 21, Beijing time, the 2022 F1 sixth stop of the Spanish Grand Prix ended the qualifying competition at the Circuit de Catalunya. Ferrari driver Leclerc made a lore in the case of a mistake, and finally locked the pole position with the fastest lap of 1:18.750, ending Mercedes’ nine-link record here, Verstappen trailed by 0.323 Seconds ranked second, Spanish driver Sainz ranked third; another home game Alonso stopped Q1, Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu who advanced to Q2 ranked 15th, Mick Schumacher advanced to Q3 for the first time in his career.

After about three months, F1 returned to the Catalan circuit, where the teams completed their pre-season tests at the end of February. It was also the 32nd Formula 1 race at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. The Circuit de Catalunya is a high-downforce compound track with 16 different types of corners. The organizers modified the 10th turn last year, increasing the total length of the track to 4.675 kilometers, but this Lap lengths are still relatively short in the F1 calendar. Alonso and Sainz are both at home this weekend. Tennis superstar and Swiss king Federer appeared on the scene and took pictures with Hamilton and Russell in Mercedes’ garage.

The first quarter of qualifying: Alonso missed Q2 at home, Zhou Guanyu advanced 9th

The weather in Barcelona was fine on Saturday, with a temperature of 34.5 degrees Celsius at the start of qualifying, a surface temperature of 47 degrees and a humidity of 21%, with no chance of rain. The green space in the maintenance channel lights up, and Zhou Guanyu is the first to appear. At the end of the first round of flying laps, Leclerc, Sainz and Verstappen temporarily ranked the top three, and Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu temporarily ranked eighth.

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In the pit lane, Stroll suddenly slanted out and almost hit Norris. The race steward informed the accident that the accident would be investigated after the race. Perez rushed into the gravel buffer zone at turn 10. Although he could bring the RB18 out, he might have damaged the chassis.

In the last 2 minutes, some drivers appeared again, but Alonso was “serially blocked” by Russell and Norris while running the speeding lap. In the end, Alonso was eliminated early at home and stopped in Q1. The five drivers eliminated in Q1 are: Vettel, Alonso, Stroll, Albon and Latifi. Leclerc, Sainz and Verstappen were in the top three, and Zhou Guanyu ranked ninth to advance to Q2, only 0.615 seconds behind Leclerc.

The second quarter of qualifying: Zhou Guanyu stopped at the 15th and Mick entered Q3 for the first time

At the end of the first round of flying laps in Q2, Russell and Hamilton were temporarily in the top two. Russell was at least 0.3 seconds faster than other drivers, but Mercedes was equipped with new tires, while Red Bull and Ferrari were both old The difference between new tires and old tires is still quite obvious at the Catalan circuit.

Afterwards, the drivers appeared again, Verstappen and Sainz brushed to the top two at the last moment, Russell third; Norris violated the track limit in the last flying lap, the result was cancelled, and Mick Schumacher completed Breakthrough in his career and advance to Q3 for the first time. The five drivers who stopped in Q2 are: Norris, O’Connell, Kakuda Yugi, Gasly and Zhou Guanyu.

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Qualifying in the third quarter: Verstappen takes second place on pole position after Lock button error

In the first attempt of Q3, Leclerc, who had performed well in three free practice races, was too hard on the kerb in the final stage of the first speeding lap, causing the car to lose control and turn around. Leclerc simply took the car back to the pit area. Before the final sprint, Verstappen temporarily ranked first with 1:19.073, Sainz, Perez, Russell, Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Magnussen and Mick-School Mach ranked second to ninth, Leclerc did not score.

In the last stroke, Leclerc withstood the pressure and relied on his purple performance in the second time period to cross the line in 1:18.750, winning his fourth pole position this season and the 13th pole position in his F1 career. Tappan was second with 0.323 seconds behind and Sainz was third. The fourth to tenth places are: Russell, Perez, Hamilton, Bottas, Magnussen, Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher. The Spanish Grand Prix will start at 21:00 Beijing time on Sunday.

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