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F1 will strictly enforce the ban starting from the Australian station – yqqlm

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Original title: F1 will strictly enforce the ban starting from the Australian station

When a driver crosses the line and the checkered flag is waved, team personnel will no longer be able to hang themselves on the track fence to cheer their own drivers. The FIA ​​​​has informed the teams that the ban will start this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix Strictly enforce.

Over the years, this celebration has become a tradition, not only for the winning team, but also sometimes for teams that finish second or third.

Of course, the FIA ​​has already had relevant regulations, but no one has followed them. However, now F1 race director Nils Wittich intends to strictly enforce this regulation. The regulations read: Personnel are prohibited from climbing the fence at any time, and any violations of the prohibition must be reported to the event stewards.

Wittich did not say what penalties would be imposed on team members who break the rules, although it is thought it will be in the form of fines.

Why is the FIA ​​suddenly strictly enforcing this regulation? Concerns have been raised at the Saudi Grand Prix at the Saudi Grand Prix after some team personnel were believed to have climbed to the top of the fence and were in very dangerous positions.

In recent years, the FIA ​​ban seems to be increasing, banning race girls, banning jewelry, banning drivers from making political speeches without permission, and now banning team personnel from celebrating on the fence.

As long as you don’t climb too high, there should be no danger, but you can’t just ask “not to climb too high”, because there is no clear standard for that, and it cannot be implemented, so there is only one size fits all.

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Some car fans may feel that there is less passion, but I think this ban is still necessary, because whenever I see such a celebration scene, I will ask a question in my mind: If someone looses their hands and falls What should I do?Return to Sohu to see more


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