Home Sports Faced with Liaoning’s strict defense, Ding Yanyuhang feels cold and only scored 5 points on 2 of 10 shots.

Faced with Liaoning’s strict defense, Ding Yanyuhang feels cold and only scored 5 points on 2 of 10 shots.

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Original Title: Encountered Liaoning Strict Prevention Ding Yanyuhang Feels Cold Feeling Cold, Only Scored 5 Points In 2 Of 10 Shots

At 20 o’clock on October 19, Beijing time, the second round of the regular season between Shandong and Liaoning was played on time. Both teams scored a good start in the first round. Five of the Liaoning team scored in double figures and eventually defeated the Shandong team 98-87.

Xiaoding played 21 minutes today and was limited by the Liaoning team. He felt cold and scored 5 points, 2 assists and 1 steal.

In the first round of the league, Xiaoding played 24 minutes, scoring 19 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals on 7 of 18 shots. His first comeback was close to perfect. After the game, talking about the support and encouragement of the coaches, fans and teammates, Xiaoding said: “First of all, I would like to thank the people who supported me, including fans, family and friends for waiting for me over the past three years, because the waiting time is indeed a bit long. , And as long as I can return to the stadium, I will go all out to help the team. I think I’m only 28 and the peak has not yet arrived.”

With 5 minutes left in the first quarter, Ding Yanyuhang was replaced. Soon after playing, the Liaoning team played a wonderful cooperation. Zhao Jiwei struck the ball backwards and Li Xiaoxu followed up and dunked the ball. While the Liaoning team was still reminiscing about this wonderful goal, Gao Shiyan quickly passed it to Xiao Ding in the backcourt. After Xiao Ding got the ball, he was very calm and passed the defending Zhang Zhenlin and easily put it in. Then in a breakthrough, Xiaoding suddenly passed to Jia Cheng in the bottom corner in the air, who hit a three-pointer and formed an assist.

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The Liaoning team took the initiative in rebounding today and gradually widened the scoring gap at the end of the first quarter. Xiao Ding didn’t have much time to play in the first half. A significant problem for the Shandong team now is that they score fewer points. When facing a strong team, only Gao Shiyan’s score was relatively stable. And Xiaoding is easy to be stared to death without the strong support of his teammates.

The easy side fought again. In an offensive by the Liaoning team, Han Dejun played Xiaoding in a dislocation, causing Xiaoding to foul. Then Xiaoding hit a 3-pointer at a 45-degree angle on the left. Before that, he had only scored one goal in five shots. The Liaoning team’s defensive thinking for Xiaoding is to make breakthrough shots, use the body to block before the breakthrough, and be always ready to cover Xiaoding’s shots.

In the last quarter, Xiao Ding got vacant opportunities for several times and did not make it.

Judging from the two games, Xiao Ding’s athletic ability has significantly regressed from his peak period. Intuitively, he has lost his previous speed and sharpness in breaking through. The first game played well mainly relying on the fiery touch. In the second round against the powerful Liaoning team, it is difficult to open the situation simply by shooting.

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