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Famous legend:Italy winning the European Cup is lucky, this Christmas will be painful – yqqlm

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Famous legend:Italy winning the European Cup is lucky, this Christmas will be painful – yqqlm

Original title: Famous legend: Italy’s European Cup is lucky to win this year’s Christmas will be very painful

Italy’s unexpected exit in the semi-finals of the European play-offs in the World Qualifiers caused an uproar in the Apennine Peninsula. Regarding the current situation of Italian football, many famous football legends have also spoken out and commented on it. Di Canio, who had a character when he played football, said in an interview with Sky Sports Italia that he was angry with the performance of Italian football. If the status quo is to be changed, a thorough reform must be carried out!

Regarding Italy’s 0-1 loss at home to North Macedonia, Di Canio believes that Italy has many problems, from coach Mancini to every player on the field, “I was sitting on the sofa, my heart was calm, calm. Too much… (watching the whole game) I expected this to end like this, and seeing those pictures again will make me even more angry. The whole game, Mancini kept going from the first minute Pointing out the mistakes of the players shows that he is worried and anxious. Yes, this loss is a complete disappointment for those who expected Italy. The Italian players are too anxious. Yesterday, Berardi Made a lot of mistakes and I don’t want to blame him, but he wasn’t good enough in the game. He should understand that wearing Sassuolo and the Italian national team’s jersey is not the same thing.”

Di Canio also praised his opponent’s performance, “On the other hand, North Macedonia did a great job defending and then scored a goal. They scored a great player, and you don’t feel pressure on him. .”

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What about the future of Italian football? Di Canio emphasized the need to change, “For Italy, we now have a few years to completely overhaul the entire football system. The next major competition, the Euro 2024 held in Germany, will miss this year’s World Cup, which will make Italy had a miserable Christmas and we had to watch the World Cup in Qatar as outsiders.”

Di Canio also mentioned that Italy had a lot of luck in winning the European Cup last summer. “I don’t want to belittle what Italy has achieved, they have made us proud. I used to laugh at my British friends. And when people started talking about football again after the Euro last year, everyone thought a new era had come for Italy and stressed what we had won, but I never saw it that way. In my heart, I would say that we are very Luckily, the victory over Spain and England was on penalties, and against Austria, if Arnautovic’s knee wasn’t offside, we’d be out. I repeat, I don’t want to belittle our past results, but we haven’t So good, it’s really just luck. However, it’s just running out of luck now…”

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