Home Sports Famous note: It’s hard for Giando to save Westbrook because he’s playing in the Lakers.

Famous note: It’s hard for Giando to save Westbrook because he’s playing in the Lakers.

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Original title: Famous note: Jandu is difficult to save Westbrook and is concerned because he plays in the Lakers

Beijing time on January 14th news, so far this season, Russell Westbrook’s performance in the Lakers can be described as much criticized. The data shows that Westbrook has only averaged 7.8 points per game in the last three games and shot 20% from the field. Well-known journalist Shannon Sharp doesn’t seem to be interested in Westbrook’s poor performance. On “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed”, Sharp said that Kevin Durant in his prime could not overcome the negative impact of Westbrook, let alone It’s LeBron James in his 19th season.

Westbrook is at his lowest point since joining the Lakers, but Shannon Sharp is convinced that the 6-foot-3, two-time scoring champion is still the same player who has never changed the way he plays.

“It’s just a continuation of the way Russell (Westbrook) has played for 13 years, and the only thing that’s bad for him now is the decline in athleticism, and that’s him,” Sharp said on the show.

Sharp said Westbrook’s numbers have always been like this, so he’s not surprised. The difference now is that Westbrook is playing for a big-market team — the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Playing with the Washington Wizards last year, nobody cared,” Sharp said. “When he was with the Houston Rockets, nobody cared. With the Oklahoma City Thunder, nobody cared. When Kevin – After Durant left, nobody looked at the Thunder anymore. So he was able to play the same way, get a triple-double and get everyone’s attention because he’s on the big stage now. If you look back at his numbers , you’d think, wait, those stats are exactly the same as his entire career.”

While others feel that Westbrook hasn’t quite gotten used to this Lakers team, Sharp doesn’t think Westbrook can do more for the Lakers. “This is Westbrook, he’s not athletic enough, he’s never really played defense,” Sharp continued. “Kevin Durant at his peak couldn’t overcome the negative impact of Westbrook, and we’re counting on being in the pros. Can LeBron James in his 19th season do it?”Return to Sohu, see more


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