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Fan Zhendong won the World Cup champion! 4-1 Zhang Benzhihe, won two consecutive championships in 7 days

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Original title: Fan Zhendong won the World Cup! 4-1 Zhang Motowa, winning two consecutive championships in 7 days

This year’s ITTF’s last top event, the new generation of leaders of Chinese and Japanese men’s singles finally met in the finals.

On the evening of the 7th, in the men’s singles final of the WTT World Cup in Singapore, Fan Zhendong, born in 1997, and Zhang Benzhihe in 2003 met in the final. In the end, Fan Zhendong defeated Zhang Benzhihe 4-1, and after the National Games and the World Table Tennis Championships 7 days ago, he won the World Cup Men’s Singles Championship.

In the men’s singles 1/8 finals of the Olympic Games, Zhang Benzhi and Slovenia’s Jordzic lost 3-4 and missed the quarterfinals; as the second seed in the World Table Tennis Championships, Zhang Benzhi and even were eliminated in their singles debut.

In the face of successive losses, Zhang Benzhihe said: “To be honest, I have been in a bad state recently, so I was not very surprised when I failed in the Olympic singles, and I am in the same mood now.”

“In my opinion, it is my own problem, no matter who the opponent is, it may be the result, and it may be the same after the game. Instead of entangled with the opponent, it is better to pay attention to yourself.”For the downturn, Zhang Benzhihe could only adjust himself.

In this World Cup, he recovered his form and defeated famous players such as Falk, Huang Zhenting, Hugo Calderano and advanced to the final. For Japanese men’s singles, there is also an urgent need for a victory to boost morale. After all, the Japanese men’s team, which was determined to win the World Table Tennis Championships this year, was swept out in the third round of singles…

Compared with Zhang Benzhihe’s ups and downs, Fan Zhendong’s state is much more stable. Fan Zhendong won gold in the National Games and won the title of the World Table Tennis Championships. Fan Zhendong rarely lost in the civil and foreign wars after the Olympics.

After winning the men’s singles championship of the World Table Tennis Championships, Fan Zhendong did not lower his requirements, repeatedly stressing: “This is not my end point. I hope to take this championship to a higher level.”

But for Fan Zhendong, after the World Table Tennis Championships have realized their dreams, both body and spirit will be in a period of fatigue, and how to adjust their own state is more important.

Fan Zhendong also had a certain advantage in the previous match between the two. He led Zhang Benzhihe with a record of four wins and one loss. Fan Zhendong’s only defeat occurred in 2018, when he lost 1-3 to Zhang Benzhihe in the Asian Cup men’s singles group stage.

The most recent confrontation between the two was in the 2019 Men’s Singles World Cup. “Little Fatty” defeated his opponent 4-2 and finally won the men’s singles championship.

It is precisely because of absolute strength and confidence that Fan Zhendong just said in the face of Zhang Benzhihe, who is eager for victory in the finals: “Although the schedule of this competition is not long, the opponents in each round are very strong. I haven’t played against Zhang Ben for a long time. I look forward to a good performance in the finals.”

In the end, the stable “Little Fatty” did not disappoint, and it also made Zhang Benzhihe’s screamer humbly.Return to Sohu to see more


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