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Fan Zhendong’s “National Games Life” of Fan Zhendong’s “National Games Life” is finally realized in three finals

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  (Shaanxi National Games) Fan Zhendong’s “National Games Life” by Fan Zhendong in the Three Finals

China News Service, Yan’an, September 27th. Title: Fan Zhendong’s “National Games Life” by Fan Zhendong in the Three Finals

China News Agency reporter Wang Yu

Fan Zhendong was more confident than ever in the men’s singles final of the National Games for the third time.

4:0, facing the dark horse Liu Dingshuo who “killed” from the strong man Rulin’s men’s singles arena, he shot up and down, won the championship like a bag, and won the first National Games men’s singles championship in his career.

This is an honor that many of Fan Zhendong’s predecessors have failed to realize. The Grand Slam winners Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, and Zhang Jike, who are calling for the wind and rain in the international arena, failed to stand on the highest podium of the men’s singles at the National Games.

Data map: Fan Zhendong.Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

This is also the honor Fan Zhendong dreams of. Prior to this, he broke into the men’s singles finals of the National Games twice and was won by Malone. Regret and disappointment are intertwined and become the “struggle” side of Fan Zhendong’s career.

But looking back at Fan Zhendong’s national team career in the past nine years, the men’s singles arena at the National Games is undoubtedly the most two-pointer unit.

In 2013, Fan Zhendong, who had just been selected to the national team for one year, has won many honors including the men’s singles champion of the World Youth Championship. He became the youngest tour champion in the world at the age of 16 years and 292 days in the ITTF Poland competition.

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During this period, famous generals such as Zhang Jike and Boll successively became Fan Zhendong’s defeaters. At that time, he was young and ambitious and energetic. Even Liu Guoliang believes that “Fan Zhendong is the biggest discovery of Guoping in the past two years.”

Fan Zhendong’s light is shining day by day, even though he was overturned by Malone in the 2013 National Games Men’s Finals with a 3:2 lead. But the emergence of the young teenager has planted a seed of hope for the future of the national table tennis men’s singles.

Four years later, Fan Zhendong, who has grown into a world champion, once again stood in the National Games arena, and he was in a mixed mood. The Düsseldorf World Table Tennis Championships three months ago was originally an opportunity for him to go straight to the sky. However, Fan Zhendong, who had exhausted his best efforts in the face of the old spicy Malone, was still defeated.

At that time, he said with red eyes, “I hope I can grow up quickly.” But in the subsequent Tianjin National Games finals, Fan Zhendong was reversed by Malone after a 2:1 lead. After four years of reincarnation, he lost in the same way, and his progress in catching up and surpassing his predecessors was almost stalled.

On the way forward, Ma Long is like an insurmountable mountain. From then on, Fan Zhendong also began to fall into self-doubt.

Fan Zhendong, who came to the Shaanxi National Games and achieved a major breakthrough in his career in the Tokyo Olympics, first defeated Ma Long in the men’s team finals, helping the team regain the championship after 24 years, and then unstoppable into the men’s singles finals. .

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Familiar with the National Games and the men’s singles finals made Fan Zhendong sigh with emotion, “Every final is similar, but there are different places, according to his current feelings and current state, to prepare for the current game. I hope I can release it with all my strength.”

Although facing Liu Dingshuo, who is less powerful, his past experience always reminds Fan Zhendong to be cautious and cautious. “Sometimes it is an advantage to prepare in advance, but once the burden is on his back, it may become a disadvantage. There is no absolute Good and bad.”

In the end, Fan Zhendong still played uncontroversially, defeating his opponent in straight 4 games, and won the Men’s Singles Championship for the first time in the National Games. When the moment in his dream really came, Fan Zhendong was calm as water.

“The game cannot have a perfect feeling, and there are all points worth summarizing. This time I gained self-confidence through the game and made myself more powerful to move forward.” For Fan Zhendong, the National Games championship is only a staged goal. , The moment he walked off the podium, his eyes were locked in front.

Fan Zhendong once said: “The reason why the Chinese table tennis team can last forever is because in every era there are people who bravely stand up and take their own responsibilities.” Now, facing the Paris Olympic preparation cycle of only three years, The heritage of the national table tennis men’s team will fall on Fan Zhendong’s shoulders.

Facing the concern about whether he is confident to take over as the “leader of national table tennis”, Fan Zhendong is sober and humble, “The change of identity is not based on personal will. I will still be a role to fight and impact in the next cycle. A lot of things have been achieved. Take it up slowly.” (End)

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