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Fan Zhiyi “accused” at Xie Hui’s wedding: Xie Hui drank before the game but was scolded

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Title: Former Dalian Team Coach Celebrates Special Day of “Three Blessings” with Wedding, Birthday, and Daughter’s Anniversary

Former Dalian team coach Xie Hui celebrated a unique and special day on February 14, as he marked his 50th birthday, wedding day to Russian girl Dalia, and the 100th anniversary of the birth of their little daughter. The day, which also happened to be Valentine’s Day, was filled with love, laughter, and memorable football stories.

Xie Hui, who started his playing career with Shanghai Shenhua and represented the Chinese men’s national team, has had a controversial coaching career. His “press down and hit” tactics garnered attention in the football circle, making him a representative of Mesozoic coaches. However, he was eventually dismissed as coach of the Nantong Zhiyun team for making wrong remarks while drunk at a private party. He also failed to lead the Dalian team to complete the relegation task last season, leading to the team’s disbandment.

In order to make up for the delayed wedding, Xie Hui and his wife chose a hotel far away from the suburbs of Shanghai and invited about 70 guests. The wedding turned into a reunion of football legends and friends, with Shanghai Shenhua icons and former members of the Dalian team’s coaching staff in attendance. The guests came together to bless the couple, making it a heartwarming and memorable occasion.

The wedding scene was highlighted by the banter between Fan Zhiyi and Xie Hui, as they reminisced about their time at Shenhua. Fan Zhiyi shared an amusing story about Xie Hui drinking before a game and the unexpected outcome. The old Shanghai football friends laughed and talked happily, making the day even more special.

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The heartfelt celebration was documented by Reporter Chai Zhi, and the photos were captured by Visual China. The special day was a reminder of love, friendship, and the enduring spirit of football camaraderie.

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