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Fan zone, Volksparkstadion, public viewing: This is how EURO 2024 works in Hamburg

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Fan zone, Volksparkstadion, public viewing: This is how EURO 2024 works in Hamburg

As of: March 27, 2024 5:48 p.m

A fan zone on the Heiligengeistfeld, the almost completed renovation of the Volksparkstadion and a diverse cultural program: Hamburg is intensively preparing for the 2024 European Football Championship. The plans are well advanced.

Hamburg is the only city in the north to be one of the ten host cities for the European Football Championship in Germany (June 14th to July 14th). Tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend the five sold-out European Championship games in the Hanseatic city. It’s supposed to be a four-week football festival in the “host city” of Hamburg.

Fan zone and public viewing on the Heiligengeistfeld

The Heiligengeistfeld will be the central contact point for the followers. In the immediate vicinity of FC St. Pauli’s Millerntor Stadium, up to 40,000 fans can watch the European Championship games free of charge. “The trend has been a bit downward when it comes to these really big events. That could be a Corona consequence, but we are well prepared for a five-digit number of spectators,” said State Councilor Christoph Holstein (SPD). the NDR.

The organizers rely on their experience with major events on the Heiligengeistfeld. In addition to the popular public viewing, which should also be possible after 10 p.m. according to federal regulations, a fan village is planned. “You can try out a lot of things there. We don’t just want to have the football experience on the screen, we also really want people to talk to each other about sport and football here in this city,” announces Holstein. The arena will host, among other things, blind football and senior tournaments.

Fans can also watch the games together at smaller squares in Eppendorf, Langenhorn, Barmbek and Dulsberg, as the North District Assembly decided on the initiative of the Greens and the SPD. The northern district is hoping for a good solution with the weekly market operators. Everyone should be included in the smaller public viewing events in the north, including the cafes and restaurants in the squares around it.

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Holstein: “Expect at least 50,000 Dutch people”

After the final round lots were drawn at the beginning of December and the European Championship schedule was set, the demand for overnight accommodation in Hamburg has increased significantly, according to Holstein. “A lot of inquiries came from Albania at the moment when advance ticket sales started. We are then expecting at least 50,000 Dutch people who are very keen on traveling anyway. And the Czech Republic game against Turkey will probably go towards the Turks’ home game Many people with Turkish roots live here.”

Volksparkstadion renovation almost completed

“The draw really boosted me personally and those around us,” says Christian Lenz. He heads the project management and site development departments at the second division soccer team HSV and intensively supports the work in and at the Volksparkstadion. The public address and floodlight systems are already being used in HSV games. “We also built a completely new power supply for both,” says Lenz.

“I think we will have a very presentable stadium.”
— Hamburg’s Interior and Sports Senator Andy Grote

By the start of the tournament, the sanitary areas will be expanded by 50 percent. The spaces for wheelchair users will also be increased from 75 to 130 spaces, including new platforms. For this purpose, the air conditioning in the VIP area will be renewed. “The final measures should be completed at the end of February,” said Lenz.

Hamburger SV will invest around 25 to 30 million euros for these measures, which of course go beyond the European Championships. During the European Championship finals, the Volksparkstadion will be decorated with the design of the tournament. For this purpose, a TV compound will be built in the parking lot and the media stand in the stadium will be temporarily significantly enlarged.

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Five European Championship games in Hamburg

A total of five European Championship games will be played in Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion, including four group games. The Netherlands will face Poland on June 16th (3 p.m.). Three days later (3 p.m.) Albania will play against Croatia, third in the World Cup. On June 22nd (3 p.m.) Georgia and the Czech Republic will meet, which will also challenge Turkey on June 26th (9 p.m.). There will also be a quarter-final in the Hanseatic city on July 5th.

Czechs live in Hamburg

From Hamburg’s perspective, the game plan could hardly have been better. After all, the Hanseatic city has had a twin town relationship with the Czech Republic’s capital Prague since 1990. Primarily, the Czech association probably decided to move into the Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg in the north-east of Hamburg because of the two group games in the Volksparkstadion.

The team will train primarily in the Edmund Plambeck Stadium in Norderstedt. The Czechs may also practice at FC St. Pauli. The Millerntorstadion is also one of the training facilities during the tournament and is ideal for public training, for example. However, this is still in final coordination. “This also shows that the cooperation with the city is not just limited to HSV, but that St. Pauli also says: ‘We would like to take part,'” explains Holstein.

A diverse cultural program and ideas competition are planned

Dance, performance, music or opera: around the five European Championship games, the city is planning numerous projects that will combine football and culture. “Under the European Championship motto ‘United by Football’ – we want to ensure that people come together in our city and meet each other who might otherwise live at odds with each other. That’s why we have invested a total of 500,000 euros Hands-on to support projects,” says Holstein, including street soccer tournaments.

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