Home Sports Fantasy football, advice: Genoa and the Destro puzzle, what to do with the striker?

Fantasy football, advice: Genoa and the Destro puzzle, what to do with the striker?

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Fantasy football, advice: Genoa and the Destro puzzle, what to do with the striker?

The rossoblù striker has scored 9 goals so far, but does not always find space in Blessin’s 4-2-3-1

Cross and delight. Mattia Destro is the Genoa striker with nine goals scored in the league, but he is an unnecessary player, especially in the Blessin management where he is by no means a regular starter. 2022 had started well, with the center in Sassuolo, but then it was quite complicated overall with a very fragmented, not very continuous playing time. The last goal is dated mid-February and the Grifone, to save himself, needs his nose for goal. There are six days to go until the end of the tournament: what should be done with the forward who grew up in Inter’s nursery?

Joy and pain

From mid-February onwards, Destro’s roadmap (22 million) was the most fluctuating there is. Two games as a starter, two takeovers and two benches for 90 minutes. A double figure so close (only one network is missing to reach it) but also so far. The competition in attack is fierce: Piccoli and Yeboah are his main rivals for the position as central striker in the 4-2-3-1 designed by Blessin: the German coach has found the right place and – net of a sudden change of views – will act on this tactical deployment until the end of the tournament. However, the Destro tournament experienced several pauses, net of the arrival of the former Ostenda coach: six goals in the first nine days (in which he had missed three between the transfer market and injury), then an injury broke this positive streak . The return to the field coincided with a useless goal – for the purpose of the result – in the derby against Sampdoria. From January onwards only two goals despite the many appearances on the field.

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Management at Fantasy Football

Milan, the two direct clashes against Cagliari and Sampdoria. And then the final matches against Juventus, Napoli and Bologna. The path of the Griffin is at least complicated on paper. Aiming on Destro is not wrong – given that he remains Genoa’s main firebreaking – but the timing, management and quotation of the rossoblù striker encourage us to focus on something else in this season finale. We need players with undisputed ownership and the certainty of the bonus: attributes that – to date – Destro does not have. Blessin has clear ideas about the attitude that the team must have and the feeling is that due to the way the Ligurians play – in this historical moment – the attacker is struggling to adapt to these ideas. As alternatives to focus on in this season finale, with the treasure obtained from the sale of Destro, you can turn your gaze to Bonazzoli (22 million), standard bearer of Salernitana who has a smoother calendar, one of Henry / Okereke (19 million ) – main strikers of Venezia who have scored 7 and 6 goals in the season – and Pinamonti (20 million), Empoli center forward who has returned from a great season on a personal level but who in the last period is suffering a difficult period of Azzurri, without victories for fifteen days. Play your game.

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