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Faraoni: “Inter? The truth is, I had nothing to do with it. I realize only now…”

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Faraoni: “Inter?  The truth is, I had nothing to do with it.  I realize only now…”

Hellas Verona full-back Davide Faraoni also spoke to Cronache di Spogliatoio about his past at Inter

The exterior of Hellas Verona Davide Pharaohs spoke to Locker Room Chronicles also of his past at Inter:

Me, in the First Team at Inter. I realize only now how much I was in a non-real dimension. In a dream, I would say. I had the recklessness of a boy, and this made me play calmly. Now, a few months later, I realized and suddenly understood how difficult it is to stay in Serie A. This reflection has recently penalized me. I wasn’t up to them, I couldn’t stay at Inter. I arrived after the Treble, I had nothing to do with them, neither technically nor physically. I needed to leave: I put myself on the line at Udinese. Trust, stay on the bench and then come back. I can’t go home as a loser, in my opinion what foreigners have when they come here is just that: they can’t afford to go back, they have no choice. They are meaner for that very reason. Often, Italians are in the comfort zone. Temperamentally they eat there for this reason, they have fewer choices“.

YOUTH INTER – “Life on the lake is simple: beach volleyball, clubs on the sand. Walk. And soapy soccer at Aquafelix, a playground near Civitavecchia. Practically a suicide: you play soccer on a towel full of soap, where you do nothing but slide. I was unconscious, if you slip you don’t stop, you will surely run over someone else and break your ankle or arm. From one world to another. In Milan there was a calm, blond, blue-eyed Swedish boy. I screwed up… Everyone called it ‘Ikea’. I have to be honest: I didn’t know what Ikea was. I had to ask for it. I was struck by his way of doing, completely opposite to mine. Distinguished, in order, he came to training with the Porsche because his father is a Microsoft executive. In short, a different world from mine. I made friends: there were Samuele Longo and Denis Alibec, for my birthday they gave me a huge red heart with their signatures that I still keep”.

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