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FbŠ Bohemians – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK 3:7, Pixbo Wallenstam floorball players advanced to the Czech Open final

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Their opponent in the fight for the triumph will be either SV Wiler-Ersigen or Tatran Střešovice on Sunday from 16:30 in the hall at Podvinné mlýn, which will face each other for victory in Group A on Saturday from 17:30. The Czech champion must win to progress in regular playing time.

Pixbo will attack for the ninth triumph at the Czech Open. Last year, he failed to do so and lost to Střešovice 2:7 in the final. Tatran kept their hopes of defending thanks to a point for defeating the Finnish team EräViikingit 3:4 after separate raids. He already led 3:1 in the match. Of the Czech teams in the men’s elite category, only Vítkovice succeeded today, defeating Zug 5:4 after separate raids.

Czech Open international floorball tournament in Prague: Men’s elite category: Group A: SV Wiler-Ersigen – Grasshopper Zurich 5:4 (24. and 30. Hollenstein, 12. Dudovič, 31. Wyss, 51. Persici – 7. Seiler, 29 Riedi, 42. Göldi, 57. Dürler), Tatran Střešovice – EräViikingit 3:4 after sam. raids (19. Eliáš, 32. Kún, 34. Meliš – 49. and the decisive raid itself, 31. Tenhonen, 37. Pěnička). Group B: Zug United – 1. SC Vítkovice 4:5 after sam. raids (36th and 60th Sjögren, 19th Mock, 26th S. Johansson – 41st and decisive single raid Zubek, 20th Pažák, 38th Hájek, 47th Palčinský), FbŠ Bohemians – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK 3:7 (5. Batkovič, 19. Kyselka, 58. M. Krebner – 5. and 39. Äse, 10. and 25. Fritzell, 26. Hammarqvist, 55. Dömstedt, 7. Lanver). Elite women’s category: Group A: Zug United – Umea 3:4, FBC Ostrava – EräViikingit 0:4, FbŠ Bohemians – FBS Olomouc 2:7, FbŠ Bohemians – Zug United 0:6, FBS Olomouc – FBC Ostrava 2:1, EräViikingit – Umea 6:2.Group B: Bern Burgdorf – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK 0:13, Chodov – Helsinki United 10:1, Bulldogs Brno – Tatran Střešovice 0:3, Tatran Střešovice – Chodov 3:2, Helsinki United – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK 0:17, Bulldogs Brno – Bern Burgdorf 7:2. Men’s Czech Floorball Cup: Group C: Mladá Boleslav – Ústí nad Labem 13:2 (3:2, 3:0, 7:0).

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