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Federatletica, the president Stefano Mei praises Sardinian jewels

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Nice words for the technicians Garau, Carboni and Salvino Tortu. «Well done Filippo, and also Agrusti well in the march. And watch out for the young Luiu, we follow him with great attention ”

CAGLIARI. “Touch my hump, I carry well.” Stefano Mei, president of the national Federatletica, jokes with two of the Sardinian jewels of a movement that continues to churn out champions: Dalia Kaddari and Lorenzo Patta. The trio met at the stadium on Monday afternoon for Cagliari’s first league match at Unipol Domus. Mei, a fan of La Spezia, was invited by the Ligurian club. The two boys, on the other hand, with a red and blue scarf around their necks, are guests of Cagliari.

«By now – says Mei – I repeat it every time they tell me: you have reached the top of athletics and you have won 5 gold medals at the Olympics … Of course, it’s not my project’s flour, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s say I started off on the right foot ».

And the Sardinian movement? «There is no doubt that it is growing rapidly – says the number 1 of FIDAL – but I must also remember that Sardinia has always enjoyed good health in our sport. The champions and technicians who have brought it to the top are many, a long list, and full of stars ». An exceptional group in which Filippo Tortu and Lorenzo Patta shone, the two of the four Olympic champions of the 4×100 together with Desalu and Jacobs. «Tortu certainly don’t find out today, he’s a super. At the Olympics he certainly did not shine in the individual competition but in the relay he was exceptional both in the semifinals and in the final, a champion ».

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And Patta? «Well, it was the big surprise at the Olympics even if, believe me, he has fantastic feet and says one who was an athlete (and European champion of the 10 thousand). At the European Championships we spared him a bit because we knew he could be a fantastic asset for the Games, so he did. And believe me, I’m really proud of that medal. Because yes, winning the 100 meters is fantastic, unforgettable. But to win as a team you need to have four athletes, all strong and technically good, and we have lined up them ». From Patta to Kaddari. «He played a great Olympics at the end of a fantastic season. She is growing rapidly and this one in Tokyo was only one stage in her growth ».

In Japan there was also the Sassarese walker Agrusti. “Yes, he did a good race and showed that Sardinia excels in various sectors, which can only make me happy.” In this group there is now also Massimiliano Luiu, silver at the Under 20 World Cup in the top … «Well, of course. We follow him carefully, he is a guy with a great perspective. I heard from his coach Crescenzio Carboni, a great. He got excited on the phone with me. Moreover, the school of Sardinian technicians is always in the foreground. Let’s think of Francesco Garau, Salvino Tortu … A school that continues, after all, in the recent past there was Gianfranco Dotta ». Are implants a sore point? Mei looks at the problem with optimism. “Here in Sardinia there are spaces, we like Fidal must try to help companies make them work”.

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