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Fencing: Azzi, thank you Adosini, ambassador of our values ​​- Sport

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Fencing: Azzi, thank you Adosini, ambassador of our values ​​- Sport

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 22 – “It is right to thank Mariaclotilde more than once. For that wonderful gesture, as a true ambassador of the values ​​of our sport, and no less also for the sobriety with which she is experiencing this sudden and very pleasant moment of great media attention”. This was written by the president of the Italian Fencing Federation, Paolo Azzi, in a private letter addressed to Mariaclotilde Adosini, her parents and Polisportiva Scherma Bergamo, to congratulate the splendid gesture of fair play in the women’s sword Under 20 World Cup event held in Beauvais, in France: the blue, decreed the winner due to an arbitration error, agreed to return to the platform for the last hit and lost, to the applause of the public “Your choice to ‘give up’ a result that has now been achieved , in terms of regulation, and that no one would have taken away from you, is more important than a victory”, Azzi’s words in a passage of his letter to Mariaclotilde. “The courage to sacrifice success on the altar of loyalty, of the highest values ​​that our sport teaches us, recognizing the human error that a referee can commit (and not “taking advantage of it”), is an extraordinary example for all of us who , as soon as we heard the news of what happened, even from afar we applauded with pride and emotion for your decision.

Just like the French public did – continues Azzi -. Nonetheless, I was struck and made proud by your words, reported on our federal website which I will keep as a precious treasure for the style, elegance and sobriety of phrases that are as proud as your gesture”.

“As president of the Italian Fencing Federation, as a former athlete and international referee, as a person born and raised on the platforms just like you, I feel the duty to say ‘thank you’.

You have best represented our colors and I want to pass this gratitude on to your family, your teacher and your club. Fencing is the sport of values ​​and you have been our ideal ambassador”, concludes Azzi. (ANSA).

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