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Fencing: Italy’s hat-trick in men’s foil at the European Championships, gold for Garozzo

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Fencing: Italy’s hat-trick in men’s foil at the European Championships, gold for Garozzo

Domination of Italy on the second day of the European fencing championships in Antalya. In the two races scheduled today, Italy wins five medals: gold by Daniele Garozzo, silver by Tommaso Marini and Rossella Fiamingo and bronze by Giorgio Avola and Mara Navarria which, added to the silver by Luca Curatoli and Arianna Errigo and the bronze by Alice Volpi yesterday, brought the Italian national team to first place in the medal table. Domination in men’s foil with Garozzo’s gold, Marini’s silver and Avola’s bronze. The three Azzurri, who started respectively as first, fourth and sixth in the ranking of this race, managed to dominate their opponents and make an en plein that had been missing since 2015 with the Cassarà-Garozzo-Luperi trio.

Fifth medal in the continental review and second success for Daniele Garozzo, who had been champion in Tbilisi 2017 and silver in the editions of Montreaux 2015, Novi Sad 2018 and Dusseldorf 2019. The Sicilian in the semifinal won 15-10 over Giorgio Avola and in the final he passed 15-9 Tommaso Marini. Tommaso Marini immediately hit the final at the first senior European in his career. Giorgio Avola also received the fifth European medal (gold in Sheffield 2011 and bronzes in Torun 2016, Tbilisi 2017 and Novi Sad 2018) after a heart-pounding assault in 16 against the Hungarian Daniel Dosa, in which the blue was under 14 -12, but who made a comeback by scoring three hits in a row.

In the women’s sword after seven years Rossella Fiamingo returns to the European podium and does so by winning a silver medal of great value, which repeats the one obtained in Montreux 2015. In the semifinal the Sicilian met the other blue and national teammate Mara Navarria ( fresh from the injury that stopped her for half of the season): the match between the two blues ended only at priority 7-6 in favor of Rossella Fiamingo, who then lost 15-10 in the final against Ukrainian Vlada Kharkova in an assault that had remained balanced until the beginning of the third fraction. Third step of the podium, as mentioned, for Mara Navarria. Out in the 16 Federica Isola, defeated 15-8 by the Polish Martyna Swatowska Wenglarczyk, the same opponent who in the previous round had eliminated Alberta Santuccio 15-13 and who finished in third place.

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Tomorrow on the program the male sword with Andrea Santarelli, Davide Di Veroli, Gabriele Cimini and Federico Vismara and the female saber with Rossella Gregorio, Michela Battiston, Martina Criscio and Eloisa Passaro.

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