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Ferrari dominated qualifying in Mexico, Leclerc won ahead of Sainz

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Ferrari dominated qualifying in Mexico, Leclerc won ahead of Sainz

Satisfied Charles Leclerc after qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix. | photo: AP

20-year-old Leclerc won his fourth pole position of the season and his second in a row. He will start from the first place to lead the F1 podvaadvac in career. The native of Monte Carlo set the fastest time of 1:17.166 in the water. Although he did not speed up during the last attempt, he missed the first puck. Leclerc, on the other hand, is on his way to his first triumph of the season and sixth in his career.

Charles Leclerc in qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix.

The Dutch driver Verstappen, on the other hand, complicated the flow of his triumph in Mexico in a row. The native of Hasselt, who secured this championship title in advance, will be tested for health at the entrance of the pits after qualifying. Verstappen is aiming for the 51st victory in his career, which would equal the maximum of the legendary Frenchman Alain Prost. This should make it a record number of victories in one season. Maybe a penalty for Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes who didn’t slow down under the red flags.

Verstappen’s teammate and home driver Sergio Prez took fifth place. The 10-year-old native of Guadalajara should become the first Mexican in history to win the home draw. Daniel Ricciardo from AlphaTauri took the lead in qualifying. The 30-year-old Australian, who had toiled in the cockpit last week with an injured hand, finished fourth.

Lando Norris from McLaren dropped out in the first round of qualifying. The British pilot took 19th place for the first time.

Nedln zvod zane ve 21:00 SE.

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Qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix

zvod mistrovstv svta voz formule 1:

1. Leclerc (Mon./Ferrari) 1:17,166, 2. Sainz (p./Ferrari) -0,067, 3. Verstappen (Niz./Red Bull) -0,097, 4. Ricciardo (Austr./AlphaTauri) -0,216, 5. Prez (Mex./Red Bull) -0,257, 6. Hamilton (Brit./Mercedes) -0,288.

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