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Ferrari F1, Mattia Binotto jumps, Frederic Vasseur from Alfa Romeo arrives in his place

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Ferrari F1, Mattia Binotto jumps, Frederic Vasseur from Alfa Romeo arrives in his place

President Elkann has decided on the alternation since January between the current team principal and the Frenchman who is driving the Alfa Romeo-Sauber

Luigi Perna and Giusto Ferronato

– Milano

A jolt to Ferrari, Mattia Binotto will no longer be the team principal in F1 and Frederic Vasseur from Alfa Romeo will come in his place. The news of the sensational change at the top of the Cavallino team concerns the management of the team starting from next January. Vasseur, 54, a French engineer, had already been probed last summer by Ferrari president John Elkann because the top management of Maranello were evaluating an alternative to Binotto, an option that did not materialize. Vasseur was also one of the figures surveyed, thanks to his relationship with the top management of the Stellantis group built in these years of management of Sauber, branded Alfa Romeo. Vasseur is a managerial turning point, given his resume as a true racing man, with a past of managing many teams in the minor leagues, unlike the more technical background of Binotto, former head of engine engineers and Ferrari technical director, before becoming a team. principal.

missing performance

Binotto pays the price of a four-year period 2019-2022 where at least the fight for the title has always been lacking until the last race, a bit like what happened for the management of Maurizio Arrivabene. True, the Cavallino team principal must be given credit for having brought the team back to success this year after two difficult seasons, in the belief that they can open a cycle with the new technical regulation introduced in 2022. But, for one reason or another. other, the team has always been lost from mid-season onwards, and this 2022 was no exception: after a great start, it lacked competitiveness in the second half of the season and Red Bull won the drivers’ titles by a large margin. and builders. In addition, there have been errors of strategy and confusion in the box on many occasions: a sign that there is still a lot to fix within the gears of the team.

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those bad moods of leclerc

Under the Binotto management, also the storm of the power unit affair of 2019, from which the FIA ​​investigation was born, which ended with a secret agreement that left many shadows and technical repercussions in the following two years. It is difficult to believe that these aftermaths did not affect the decision on the changeover at the top of the team. Not to be excluded even as a further factor (even if for decisions of this magnitude and level, the opinion of the drivers counts for little), the discontent of Charles Leclerc, who showed himself well in Brazil last race weekend. In the summer there had already been a face-to-face confrontation between the Monegasque and Binotto for the management of the Silverstone race, which was then followed by a clarifying dinner in Monte Carlo. But that the relationship had become a bit conflicting was no mystery. And in this scenario, it is not entirely irrelevant to recall the detail that Leclerc made his F1 debut in Sauber, under the management of Vasseur.

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