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Ferrari, those 1000 pit stops to fly in 2023. Ioverno: “Goal of constancy”

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Ferrari, those 1000 pit stops to fly in 2023. Ioverno: “Goal of constancy”

The Prancing Horse’s head of machine operations talks about the training sessions underway in Maranello, which involve 60 people, given the rotations in anticipation of 23 GPs: “Speed ​​is important, but even more to be linear throughout the season”

Luigi Perna and Giusto Ferronato

– maranello (modena)

“From my experience, I understood that you don’t win GPs thanks to pit stops, but you can lose them through pit stops”. Word of Diego Ioverno, Ferrari’s head of machine operations, who on the day the new team principal Frederic Vasseur presented himself to the press, revealed that the Cavallino are working hard at training to get prepared for the first tire changes they will make the difference, those in the race. There are 60 people in Maranello these days who in two sessions of 20 pit stops each, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, are preparing for the whole season.


A great commitment not only to refine automatisms and procedures, but also because this year the 23-appointment calendar poses a significant logistical problem, that of rotations. In fact, the 60 who are working hard will change from time to time during the championship and, considering that they also perform other functions within the team, it is important for Ferrari that everyone is as prepared as possible. At the Cavallino they are also trying not to neglect the entire pit stop phase, including the moment of releasing the car, which if not carried out correctly, is an insidious danger of a penalty, the unsafe release: for this job there are 6 dedicated people who are preparing.

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data for 2022

Ioverno explained that the goal is not so much and above all the speed of execution, but consistency. The record in training under ideal conditions is 1″65, but in 2022 the average pit stop in the race was 2″9. “Last year we set ourselves the goal that pit stops under 3” were 80% of the total and that those over 4” (the failed ones; ed) were less than 3%. The result is that we were the best with 73% under 3”, Red Bull stopped at 71%. We are not happy with those that went wrong (over 4″), they accounted for 9% of the total, while Red Bull made 8% and Mercedes 4%”. And for 2023? Our target is 85% under 3” and no more than 4% over 4”, also because doing better is almost impossible”.

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