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Ferrero, the reckless life of “Er Viperetta” between cinema, football and bankruptcy courts

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Massimo “Er Viperetta Ferrero” appeared in the world of football on 12 June 2014, when surprisingly he became the new owner of Sampdoria, thanks to the generosity of the Garrone family who not only did not expect anything in return, but even left him a dowry of several million euros.

Here, on that same day in the summer of 2014, the judicial reports report a plea bargain request advanced by the lawyers of the new Sampdoria owner in one year and ten months due to the bankruptcy of the Livingston airline.

A double twist that no script could have drawn more accurately to propose a character that from then on the media, especially television, will compete for the alleged sympathy and undoubted truthfulness.

Roman of Testaccio

Born in the Testaccio district in Rome in August 1951 and a fan of Rome, Ferrero took his first entrepreneurial steps in the world of cinema, distinguishing himself as an independent film producer of even discreet products such as “Ragazzi fuori” and “Mery per semper”, as well as of some films directed by Tinto Brass. Exuberant as he is, Ferrero hasn’t disdained any role in the film industry.

He even made a couple of appearances on the other side of the camera, in the films “Ultrà” by Ricky Tognazzi and “Waiters” by Leone Pompucci. «Er Viperetta» then specializes in the purchase of salt. Cinema Adriano in Rome is his, as well as another 60 cinemas, 11 of which were taken over as part of the default of the Cecchi Gori group that had overwhelmed the former number owner of Fiorentina, Vittorio. Ferrero’s film activities then expanded in 2009 with the Ellemme Group, one of the companies for which he was arrested following bankruptcy.

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