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Ferretti Infynito, the future of boating

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Ferretti Infynito, the future of boating

An unprecedented solar roof, lithium batteries, eco-sustainable materials: the Italian brand pushes environmental philosophy to the maximum in the design of the next line of explorer vessels

Maurizio Bertera

The official note from Ferretti Yachts leaves no doubt. “Infynito is a project from which yachts will be born destined to be iconic trend setters ready to project the brand into the future.” For the moment we are facing the many rumors, the few certainties and a single rendering that has intrigued the whole sector. in part) the solar roof, one of the many technical solutions designed to make the new line of explorer vessel – from 70 to 100 feet in length (21-30 meters) – the reference point of boating green. It is used to generate electricity and recharge the on-board batteries. It must be said that the Ferretti Group is actively working on the environmental front of its yachts with a bit of all the brands: the new line of wallywind recently unveiled, and the wide availability of sustainable materials available on the Navetta 50, built by Custom Line. But with Infynito we intend to reach other goals, set by the Strategic Product Committee, chaired by Piero Ferrari, with the department engineering by Ferretti Group.

electric propulsion

As mentioned, Infynito introduces a new vision of explorer vessels, boats designed to travel long distances and welcome their guests in total comfort. Will introduce into the market fse (Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture), a package of solutions to navigate in the widest respect for the environment. Among the most significant, in addition to the aforementioned solar roof, there will be the possibility of experiencing the yacht in hotel mode, a technology that will allow you to create an atmosphere of absolute relaxation in all zero-emission environments, thanks to the use of a dedicated lithium battery pack. Finally, the decisive choice of greener materials: ecological paints, sustainable teak, recycled fabrics and leathers. It is a logical choice, also to meet the new needs of owners who go beyond comfort: indissoluble contact with the sea, a more natural way to navigate it, limited energy consumption compared to the past.

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The architect Filippo Salvetti is responsible for the external design of Infynito, while the interior design is entrusted to the Ideaeitalia design studio. The main stylistic innovation concerns the construction of a visual continuity between inside and outside, which connects the boat and the horizon. Another key point is the development of the main deck, where the gaze glides without finding interruptions between inside and outside, from the extreme stern to the extreme bow. In this direction, Ferretti Yachts has created the all season terrace: spacious, evocative, protected from view on the quay, and functional in navigation, whatever the weather. We will know more at the Cannes Boat Show, from 6 to 12 September, at least in terms of more information on the project. While in the water there will be 28 yachts of the group including five new ones: the avant-garde flybridge Ferretti Yachts 860, the flagship Custom Line 140 ‘, the Riva 102’ Corsaro Super, the Riva 76 ‘Bahamas Super and the latest Riva Anniversario creation, created to pay homage to the 180th anniversary of the Sarnico shipyard.

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