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Ferronato: “Not very brilliant The defeat is all there”

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«My team played the game it should have played, at least in terms of commitment and application. It was a sufficient performance. But not brilliant, and for this reason the opponents deserved to bring home the result ».

The Cartigliano coach, Alessandro Ferronato, gives credit to the San Giorgio.

«In the first half we suffered a bit», continues the coach from Vicenza, «but we didn’t concede who knows what. Of course, we knew very well that it was difficult for us to come and play on a field like this. In the second half, however, the game was channeled in the direction that the San Giorgio had hoped for and, at that point, we were no longer able to recover the double disadvantage ».

Something to complain? «Personally, I don’t know if the 1-0 goal was spoiled by offside. Just as I honestly don’t know if the penalty came from a hand ball. The fact is that the referee deemed it such and therefore there is no need to protest. In any case, Sedico deserved to win, as we saw throughout the game ».

The people of Belluno, with these two points, are approaching 50. Altitude that the Cartigliano has already exceeded, by a length …

«We have been safe for six days already», concludes Ferronato, «therefore it is not that we had that concern. However, we don’t like losing and we certainly didn’t want it to end in defeat, which is one of the last games of the season. We would have liked to fight until the end at least to equalize it. Our opponents love to play the ball and, on this occasion, they deserved the three points ». –

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