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Festina is Official Time Keeper of Calciomercato: from the end of January on TV on Sky Sport and Sportitalia

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Festina is Official Time Keeper of Calciomercato: from the end of January on TV on Sky Sport and Sportitalia

Festina, the iconic leading brand of contemporary watchmaking, is preparing to take on the prestigious role of Official Time Keeper of the winter session of the 2023/2024 Transfer Market. The partnership between Festina and Calciomercato, which began in 2022, will also project the brand towards unprecedented visibility this year in the elegant setting of the Hotel Sheraton Milan San Siro, on Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st January and Thursday 1st February 2024 .

In the culminating moment of the winter session, where time will prove to be a crucial element, agents, managers and sports journalists will be irremediably attracted to the door that houses the famous Calciomercato clock, made even more precious by the Festina logo. The Festina countdown will be the epicenter of every negotiation: as Official Time Keeper, Festina will be the creator of the rhythm of negotiations, making every moment decisive and emphasizing the importance of time in outlining significant decisions.

This centrality will also extend in a compelling way to the rest of the spaces and materials, with the Festina logo dominating the green carpet area, the backdrop in the hall and in the federal area, as well as appearing on the stickers that will guide the participants. The presence of the logo will be equally relevant in the program of events and conferences, on entry passes, in the backdrops of interviews and on the screens documenting transfers. A personalized exhibition, enriched by images of the new Festina My Time communication campaign, featuring Festina brand ambassador Gerard Butler, will further amplify the presence of the maison, celebrating its new timepiece collections. With this approach, Festina will distinctively position itself as a key element, not only in the timing of negotiations, but also in the overall event experience.

The renewed collaboration is enriched by the extraordinary television communication campaign on Sky Sport 24 and Sportitalia which will start during the last days of the Calciomercato, the period in which the maximum attention of the public and professionals is concentrated. The programming includes great visibility in the legendary Sky Sport 24 broadcast “Calciomercato-L’Originale” live every evening starting from 11pm. The program, which has become a must on Sky Sport thanks to the inseparable trio composed of Alessandro Bonan, Gianluca Di Marzio and Fayna, promises a story of daily operations from the most evocative places in Italy, enriching the viewer’s experience.

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Festina’s involvement consists in protecting the best space, the special spot which guarantees exceptional visibility to the Festina My Time spot in the 15″ format. The investment is completed by the massive presence of the brand in the well-known talk show “SportItalia Mercato” with the positioning of the Festina My Time clip in two key moments of the broadcast: at the beginning as an invitation to listen and at the end of the program. Festina will also stand out within the broadcast with the customization of the countdowns, the live interview with one of its testimonials and the special product placement. In addition, the strategic investment extends to SportItalia’s addressable platform with a video campaign aimed at reaching the right audience at the right time, thus maximizing the impact and relevance of the message.

The brand’s presence will be so frequent and engaging as to consolidate its prominent position in the Calciomercato universe.

“We are thrilled at the idea of ​​inaugurating 2024 by consolidating the profitable partnership with Calciomercato, a collaboration that has given us extraordinary visibility in the past. The role of Official Time Keeper allows us to tangibly confirm our presence in the world of sport in international level. This synergy not only emphasizes the strength of our connection with sports fans, but reflects Festina’s dedication to precision and accuracy, intrinsic values ​​in our exclusive watch collections. We look forward to continuing to share our commitment to excellence and passion for time through this important collaboration with Calciomercato” says Elena Assereto, Marketing Specialist of Festina Italia.

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