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Fiabane happy at Limana Cavarzano, but a pebble is removed from the Dolomites

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Francesco Fiabane

The former Belluno striker is the protagonist to the sound of goals in the leaders. «The Belluno Dolomites? At least they could call me “

A super start to the season with the leaders Limana Cavarzano for the former Belluno Francesco Fiabane. In the summer, the 2001-born striker was not included in the Dolomiti Bellunesi project.

«The Dolomites have made their choices and I respect them, so there is no rancor. I was only disappointed because I was expecting at least a phone call to let me know what they were up to with me. In any case, I am very happy to be at Limana Cavarzano, a choice that perhaps I would have taken anyway, given that I am in the last year of high school and I want to commit myself to conclude this path ».

With the summer merger, Fiabane was released and was free to sign.

«I chose Limana Cavarzano, because I was presented with the project and I immediately liked it very much», continues Fiabane, «I also already knew many players in the group, all good guys and excellent players. Other destinations? I chose to stay close to home, mainly to concentrate on studying ».

In this excellent start to the season, Fiabane has stamped the card numerous times in summer friendlies, but he also started the championship with two heavy goals in four games.

«As for continuity and play, I’m satisfied», explains Fiabane, «I could have scored a couple of more goals, but I wasn’t able to make the most of all the opportunities I had. I hope to make up for it later. Everyone in the team has always given me a hand, even at the beginning that I was one of the few who did not come from either of the two teams that made up the merger. They help me not only players in my role, but also others who have great experience and give me excellent advice ».

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Where can the Limana Cavarzano go?

«We can fight for the top positions, we have what it takes to do it. I’m sorry for the elimination from the Coppa Veneto, but we ate the qualification first against Fiori Barp, where we conceded the equalizer in the final and then in Santa Lucia, where we had two out of three useful results available. It would have been nice to try to get to the bottom, but now we have to stay focused on the championship ».

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