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FIFA 23, the new update changes corners, referees and downloads

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FIFA 23, the new update changes corners, referees and downloads

The Title Update 7 out for the PC version of FIFA 23 puts the corner kicks back and introduces some interesting new features.

EA Sports has released a new update for FIFA 23, the latest chapter of its football simulator in collaboration with the international federation. The account of the updates thus arrives at the Title Update 7, with this which corrects some errors found in the latest versions and modifies even rather significant pieces of the game.

Title Update 7 FIFA 23, what changes —

As detailed on FIFA 23’s Trello, Title Update 7 is coming “soon” to PC via EA apps, Origin, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. Typically, console versions for PlayStation and Xbox follow within a couple of weeks of the PC update launching. Key changes include adjusting corner kicks so that “the attacking team” has “the tallest players […] placed in attack-oriented positions” with higher probability. Furthermore, the logic of the referee when he decides to call an offside when the attacking player was outside the playing area of ​​the field has been improved. Finally, the possibility for players to automatically download the latest visual assets such as balls, kits and more without a Title Update has been added, and in these cases “an automatic download will start when entering the title or modes”. This will be signaled by “a message […] on the screen”.

The other news —

While it should be noted that Corners were already the focus of the previous update, there have been a number of bug fixes since then in FIFA 23. In FUT, an issue has been fixed that caused filters to reset during a match. market research; on the pitch, it could rarely happen that a “requested pass was not made by the ball carrier”, like the animations of the tackle. In some circumstances on PC it was detected that the anti-cheat, already discussed a lot before the launch, prevented entering the game, and the error should have been corrected. Finally, it should be noted that cross-play with the console versions will not be available from the release of this update until it is also released on Xbox and PlayStation.

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