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FIFA issued a statement: FIFA brand should not be controlled by only one company-Game-EA

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When it comes to the “FIFA” series of video games, players only think of EA. This game company giant has been bound to the FIFA brand for many years. The first “FIFA” game was launched in 1993, called “FIFA International Football”, published by EA Sports. Since then, EA has been firmly locked in the FIFA authorization and has been on the road to launching the industry’s highest-selling sports game. However, there is always a feast in the world, this year FIFA has a big face with EA.


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Following the EA statement, a statement from FIFA also heralded that their nearly 30 years of cross-border cooperation has come to an end.

In recent weeks, EA has publicly announced that the negotiations for the exclusive licensing agreement for the FIFA brand are not progressing well. It is reported that FIFA has set out an astronomical authorization fee of US$1 billion for 4 years, which is nearly twice the current annual US$150 million. The ten-year contract signed by EA and FIFA will expire after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, so the new contract must be finalized as soon as possible, but from the current situation, the possibility that the two will part ways is very high.

During the negotiation phase, FIFA also issued a statement stating that they intend to “widen” their investment in video games and e-sports. FIFA believes that the future of games and e-sports is “rapidly rising” and has stated that it has formulated some very aggressive development plans for this.In the statement,FIFA also made it clear that “more space is needed, and one group cannot hold all copyrights.”In other words, FIFA does not want to engage in monopoly

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For EA’s “FIFA” series of games, the impact may not be as serious as expected. We have previously reported that if EA and FIFA cannot reach an agreement, the “FIFA” series will be renamed “EA Sports FC”. Combined with the previous EA Sports naming of the Italian Super Cup and other events, it seems that EA has already targeted FIFA. This hand is demanding wild prices for deployment. In terms of player names and images, EA has already signed a long-term agreement with FIFPro, which holds more than 65,000 player authorizations.

It can be seen that the two sides are now fighting a battle of public opinion outside the negotiating table.The statements of both parties are nothing more than a means to make themselves more advantageous in the negotiation.. There are still several months before the contract expires, and the final result is still unknown. By 2023, we may see two situations. One is that “FIFA 23” will be listed as scheduled, and the other is that FIFA sells FIFA authorizations everywhere. There will be various “FIFA” games of varying levels on the market.


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