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FIFA lecturers teach Chinese referees a class to improve the use of VAR_Training_Chinese Football Association_Su Keding

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FIFA lecturers teach Chinese referees a class to improve the use of VAR_Training_Chinese Football Association_Su Keding

Original title: FIFA lecturers teach Chinese referees a class to improve the use of VAR

On the afternoon of February 26, 199 male and female referees and referee supervisors registered with the Chinese Football Association participated in the first course of “Video Assistant Referee Training (Remote Online)” organized by the association. It is worth noting that the participants in the training are actually “licensed” referees of the National Men’s Professional League and Women’s Sequence Events in the new season. All the international referees registered by the Chinese Football Association, including Ma Ning and Qin Liang (female), participated in the training. This training is also an important theoretical study class before the start of the refereeing work of various domestic competitions in the new season. The Chinese Football Association specially invited the Malaysian international referee Su Keding and the Chinese Football Association registered international referee Fu Ming as the keynote speakers of the training course. “The grasp of VAR intervention standards and intervention timing” is the key content of this training.

Recently, the Chinese Football Association has sent a notice on “video assistant referee training” to various local member associations. According to the requirements of the notice, 199 male and female referees and referee supervisors from all over the country must receive training on the afternoon of February 26 and the morning of March 5, respectively. The cumulative duration of each training session is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Fu Ming

It is understood that the first training session on the afternoon of February 26 was selected by FIFA as a lecturer, Su Ke Ding, as the keynote speaker. The training speakers on March 5 were three Chinese referee workers, namely Fu Ming, an active international referee, and VAR referee lecturers, former international assistant referees Liu Qingwei and Li Dongnan. Affected by the epidemic, the entire teaching of this training was implemented through online video.

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It is worth noting that the personnel participating in this training course are actually the specific personnel who will be involved in the law enforcement work of the men’s and women’s football leagues and cups at all levels in the new season. For example, in addition to Fu Ming’s participation as a lecturer, all other male and female international referees and international assistant referees selected by the Chinese Football Association who were selected for the 2022 international referee camp participated in this training.

The reason why Fu Ming served as one of the speakers of the second training course is that he and Su Keding were both elite referees of the AFC and participated in the VAR law enforcement work of many major football events including the top 12 games and last year’s Tokyo Olympics. They have a deeper grasp of the spirit of the latest VAR penalties in international football.

Although up to now, the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Football Federation preparatory team have not publicly specified the start timetable, competition schedule and competition system of the domestic men’s and women’s football leagues at all levels in the new season, but the Chinese Football Association, which is currently the organizer of the competition, is in accordance with the new season. The goal of the Chinese Super League to start in late April is to prepare for various tasks, including refereeing and law enforcement. This training is specially arranged to improve the law enforcement work of various domestic competitions in the new season.

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Affected by the limited time and space, the arrangement of the training course content is targeted. “Further clarifying VAR intervention standards and accurately grasping VAR intervention timing” is the focus of the two training courses. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that during the first training course on the afternoon of the 26th, Su Keding gave a more vivid explanation based on his own judgments and penalties during the law enforcement work in some international competitions such as Olympic football matches. It is hoped that the students will understand the essentials of the rules through examples. The reason why the Chinese Football Association also invites assistant referees and referees to supervise and receive training is also to maintain the unity of international standards in terms of specific law enforcement. Some people who participated in the training said that before that, including the Chinese Super League, there were problems such as “inconsistent VAR intervention standards, inconsistent implementation of interventions, and delayed interventions” in the introduction of VAR technology in relevant domestic competitions, which objectively led to competition enforcement. Mistakes have occurred, which should affect fair competition. Through such a training, everyone hopes to improve the tacit understanding between the human operation and high-tech cooperation of video referees. In other words, it is necessary to effectively solve the problems caused by the application of VAR technology.

It is understood that since various domestic football events in the new season are expected to start successively this spring, in addition to similar training, the referee management department of the Chinese Football Association will also organize a series of theoretical training courses for referees, as well as strict physical training and testing. Referee workers can maximize the organic combination of theory and practice.

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