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FILA and Alessandra Chillemi together until 2024

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FILA and Alessandra Chillemi together until 2024

FILA and Alessandra Chillemi have entered into a new sponsorship agreement until 2024. The historic sportswear and leisure clothing company, in fact, has chosen the 23-year-old b-girl from Messina, the reigning Italian champion of breaking (break dance), as ambassador of a brand that is already recognized as a style icon in the urban and streetwear world.

A strategic choice that will be inserted in an even more interesting context when in 2024 in Paris break dance will make its debut at the Olympics with acrobatic shots.

Thanks to Alessandra Chillemi this discipline, born in the 70s in the streets of the lower districts of the Bronx, arrived in Messina, near the Maritime Station, where since she was a child she was struck by the acrobatics of young street artists-athletes, then making them do the leap from ballet to street battles. Having abandoned the shoes, Alessandra will wear the FILA streetwear line, comfortable, comfortable and very fashionable with which she will carry around our nation and the world this movement that has finally recognized its protagonists as “athlete-artists”.

This parallelism has been repeatedly touched upon by Alessandra Chillemi who, focusing precisely on the athlete-artist combination, has always fought on the front line to get this discipline a place in the Olympics: “We deserve the Games because we dance like artists, but we we train like real athletes” he has repeatedly stated during his career.

FILA, after the recent sponsorship agreement signed with Suzanne Schulting, the short track flying Dutchman, with this contract further confirms the desire to recognize and identify new female sports talents, not only as sports models but also as real own examples of style. As with the Dutch national champion, Alessandra Chillemi will not only be supported by FILA during competitions, but she too will be accompanied on a growth journey off stage, in the lifestyle world. The FILA-Chillemi collaboration will also see numerous co-branded social activities, testifying to how much the Biella-based brand believes in the sporting and lifestyle skills of the Messina athlete.

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Sport, fashion and lifestyle will in fact be the ingredients of this long journey which made its debut on January 15 in Riccione with the Absolute Italian Breaking Championships, where Alessandra took first place on the podium. On the horizon, among the many races to be held in 2023, the b-girl will aim to obtain a pass for the final stages of the Red Bull BC One World Final, the prestigious competition dedicated to the best breakers in the world.

Alessandra Chillemi: “I’m really proud to join the FILA family and to be the team’s first dancer/breaking athlete. I love the brand for its history and for always bringing innovations to the sports sector, supporting athletes of various disciplines who changed the history of the sport. I really like their fresh and unconventional style that aligns perfectly with mine “.

Luca Bertolino, FILA Head of Global Strategic Marketing: “The collaboration with Alessandra fully represents our desire to recognize and believe in sporting talents who shine for sporting merits and lifestyle potential. Accompanying her towards what is a historic milestone for this sport, the Paris 2024 Olympics, is an honor for us. I hope and I am sure that it will be a fruitful and rewarding journey”.

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