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Finimpianti plays to stay high

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For Montalto Dora challenges the truth with leaders Safa Torino The match between Cigliano and Calton is also scheduled


On the sixth day of the first leg in women’s Serie C, rest time in group A which touches the Canavese Ivrea volley, while in the B the Finimpianti Rivarolo and in the C the Montalto Dora are engaged within the friendly walls, respectively against the San Mauro and the Safa Turin tomorrow, Saturday 20 November at 8.30 pm and 6.30 pm. Starting with the rivarolesi, coach Beppe Orlandi is looking for three more points to continue to stay at the top of the standings, but in front of him he will have a team that is just one point behind and, as a difficulty, does not differ much from the seven-day match. ago in Almese. Remaining in group B, these are the other matches: tomorrow at 18 Nichelino-Busca, 19 Almese-Capello Chieri, 20.30 Alba-Leinì and at 21 Allotreb Torino-Villar Perosa. Rest period for Union Pinerolo.

Ranking: Finimpianti Rivarolo points 14; San Mauro 13; Almese 11, Capello Chieri 9; Busca and Alba 8; Allothreb 4; Villar Perosa and Union Pinerolo 3. Moving to group C, Montalto Dora’s delicate commitment, with the team of coach Massimo Cazzulo facing the leaders of the group Safa Torino, in a match in which the Montaltese must be perfect in every fundamental way to have the better. These are the other matches of the group: at 17 Asti-Mokaor Vercelli, 18.30 Valenza-Occimiano, 20.45 Venaria Reale volley-Alessandria and at 21 Lilliput in Settimo Torinese-Ovada. Turin volley rests instead.

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Ranking: Safa Torino points 13; Occimian 12; Lilliput 11; Ovada 10; Montalto Dora 8; Valenza and Venaria Reale volley 6; Alessandria and Mokaor Vercelli 3; Asti 2, Turin volley 1.

Moving to the women’s D series, in group D the top clash between Volley Cigliano and Calton, a team from San Giorgio Canavese, scheduled for tomorrow at 21, a match that could be the watershed of the season. In the same group, also tomorrow, Fortitudo Chivasso volley plays away, committed to Nichelino at 18.30, while Rivacastel volley is committed at home in Rivarolo Canavese, which at 17 takes on Teamvolley Lessona. In the men’s field, on the other hand, in group A, again tomorrow, but at 20.30, the Montanaro faces Alexandria in front of the public friend of PalaArè di Caluso, just three points behind in the standings, while in group B to cross his arms this time is the turn of the Borgofranco volley, which will observe the turn of rest. – Loris Ponsetto

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