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Firmly rooted in the grassroots, deeply empowered by science and technology-the high-quality development of traditional sports has broad space_National Sports General Administration

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How do technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence realize technology implementation? How to strengthen the construction of the national team to better meet the requirements of the Hangzhou Asian Games preparations? How to make up for the shortage of teachers with deep integration of sports and education in the scene of the provincial team school? On March 21, at the Chinese Chess Association’s study of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the National Two Sessions and the Spirit of the National Two Sessions and the 2023 Work Development Seminar held in Hefei, Anhui, this series of questions was raised one by one by everyone.

In recent years, the Xiangqi project has firmly taken root at the grassroots level, strengthened supply-side structural reforms centered on the people, and launched various national chess amateur chess championships, national chess folk chess championships, and national chess inter-school leagues for different age groups. Colorful events and activities build a good development ecology. At the same time, the dynamic industry ecology has attracted a large number of high-tech private enterprises to actively enter the market, from Shangtang Technology, which serves children and young people, to Douyin, Kuaishou, and WeChat video accounts, which are very active among young users, to the user-favorite Tencent Tiantian Chess, it can be said that the deep empowerment of technology has effectively enhanced the effective supply and service level of traditional sports.

On the new journey of the new era, how can traditional sports like chess continue to be revitalized? “Adhering to the new development concept and continuing to promote our business to achieve high-quality development is the only choice.” said Zhu Guoping, director and party secretary of the Chess and Cards Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, and chairman of the Chinese Chess Association. We learn the spirit of the National Two Sessions, not just to To understand the rationale, we must put our specific work into consideration and find specific ways to advance our work. The high-quality development of the chess industry is definitely not a closed loop in one’s own circle. It must not only open up the channels for professional and amateurs, but also unblock the channel for industry collaboration, and promote the development of the excellent traditional culture with chess as the carrier and be able to better Going out, the stars in our industry must be grassroots stars who can serve ordinary people well.

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What are the paths to follow for the inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional culture? “We are trying to give traditional sports culture the wings of technology.” Tang Mingyong, vice president of Shangtang Group, said that last year we released a chess robot that can be taken home. Through the flagship version to be released this year, we hope to help fans better Experience the essence of chess culture, and plan to let chess and artificial intelligence enter more schools and families this year. I hope that local associations can help us promote this cause.

Since the establishment of the National Chess Amateur Chess Championship in 2016, the Jiangsu competition area has continuously improved the depth of the competition, and has really brought the competition to the doorstep of ordinary people. In the past 7 years, Jiangsu has produced a total of 2,656 chess champions, which has effectively cultivated self-confidence and self-improvement based on traditional Chinese culture. Wu Xia, deputy director of the Jiangsu Chess and Cards Sports Management Center, said that in the future, we will continue to promote the development of local original events such as the Chess King Tournament, the Jiangsu Township Chess Competition, and the Jiangsu Chess League. Culturally assertive mission tasks.

“In September this year, we plan to hold the third Shanghai Cup Chess Masters Open in Germany.” Shan Xiali, vice chairman of the Chinese Chess Association, said that many of our companies in Shanghai Jiading Auto City will also go to Germany Participating in the Munich Auto Show, our goal is to build the Shanghai Cup into a landmark event that is “based on the local market and benchmarked against the world” to help Shanghai build a world-renowned sports city.

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Since 2019, the National Chess Folk Chess King Competition has turned more than 16,000 sports lottery stores across the country into chess event stations for the masses, but Yang Yang, Director of the Public Relations Department of the Sports Lottery Management Center of the State Sports General Not satisfied with this, but further raised the gap in the demand for professional strength, “Last year, many chess masters participated in our happy playground charity teaching activities, and the response was very good. This year, we urgently hope that more professional chess players will participate.” Coincidentally Zhang Hougui, the principal of Yuanshangyuan Primary School Education Group in Hefei City, also pointed out that in the process of promoting the deep integration of sports and education, he has personally felt the shortage of chess teachers, and hopes that more professional teachers can teach children.

The more one bows to practice, the more demand will come. Zhu Guoping said that the next step of the chess project is to further focus on increasing the participation of the masses. The service supply must be on the right track. Rooted at the grassroots level, attracting deep empowerment from scientific and technological forces, and gaining broad development space on the road of high-quality development. (Reposted from page 01 of “China Sports Daily” on March 22)

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