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Fisi to the polls, the consortium of presidents against the group of Bortoluzzi

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Fisi to the polls, the consortium of presidents against the group of Bortoluzzi

Roberto Visentin and Nicola De Martin

Veneto to vote on September 10 in Vittorio: Roberto Visentin challenges Nicola De Martin. For the Belluno committee (September 14) Berto Sommavilla is the only candidate


Major maneuvers in view of the elections of the Fisi, which in a couple of months choose who will lead the provincial committees, regionalie national teams in the four-year period that will bring winter sports to the Milan – Cortina 2026 Olympics. These are hectic days and the national Coni diktat on the maximum of three mandates has effectively excluded Flavio Roda, Roberto Bortoluzzi and Federica Monti from the race. But let’s take stock, starting from the Venetian committee, che will be the first to go to the polls.


Voting takes place on Saturday 10 September at 10.30, in Vittorio Veneto, in the locality of Ceneda. The date, for now, is the only official thing, given that there is time until August 26 to submit applications.

The challenge seems to be between the president of Valpadola Nicola Martin and that of the Treviso Ski Club Roberto Visentinwho is also president of Fisi Treviso.

The Comeliano is the expression of the consortium that refers to the historic regional president Roberto Bortoluzziwhich in any case aims to remain on the board, after 26 years of presidency.

But for De Martin it will not be easy to win, because on the other side Visentin represents the consortium of all the presidents of the provincial Fisi. There is a desire for change and therefore Federica Monti from Belluno, Marta De Manincor from Venice, Vanni Ceccarello from Padua, Luca Lagnerini from Vicenza and Marco Castioni from Verona are working together.

Nothing will be done with the candidacy of Renzo Minellawhich had been ventilated a few months ago, while that of Belluno also seems to have set Luca Bertagnolliof the Trichiana Ski club.


The Belluno Fisi will instead go to the vote on Wednesday 14 September at 5 pm In this case we should go towards continuity, given that Berto Sommavilla he was Federica Monti’s deputy. An important man for the grass skiing movement, Sommavilla is also the number one of the Bell 1 Ski club. Again, applications must be submitted two weeks before, so by August 30th, but there does not seem to be any other than wanting to run against Sommavilla.


Flavio Roda he always hopes for a rethink on the quirk of his three terms, but he seems to be out. Roda, however, also took about ten days before finally leaving the scene.

For now, two candidates, both engineers. The first is the Roman Alessandro Falez and the other is from Milan Stefano Maldifassi. Ma there is still time here and voting will take place in mid-October.

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