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Five interesting NBA clauses Zion’s contract and weight-linked Russell’s salary is $1 more than Chamberlain

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Five interesting NBA clauses Zion’s contract and weight-linked Russell’s salary is $1 more than Chamberlain

Original title: Five interesting NBA clauses Zion contract and weight-linked Russell salary is $1 more than Chamberlain

Five interesting NBA clauses Zion’s contract and weight-linked Russell’s salary is $1 more than Chamberlain

As we all know, NBA players often earn a lot of money, and their main source of revenue is the contract signed with the team. Generally speaking, our common contracts are divided into the following categories: 5-year or 4-year maximum salary contracts, general contracts, veteran minimum salary contracts, two-way contracts and short 10-day contracts. But in fact, the contract details of each NBA player are very different. For example, this year the Nets want to sign a 1+1 contract with Irving. The details include the option to limit Irving’s attendance. Only Irving played 72 games. Games, to get all the income, and if Irving played less than 30 games, he can only get 15% of his salary, which is only 6 million US dollars.

Zion contract and weight peg

This offseason, Zion and the Pelicans signed a five-year, $193 million max contract, and the contract details included a requirement to limit Zion’s weight and body fat percentage. If Zion wants to get all the money, he will have to keep his weight at 275 pounds each season for five years. This requirement is undoubtedly a serious requirement for Zion. After all, during this year’s recuperation, Zion’s weight once reached 310 pounds, successfully surpassing Boban to become the heaviest player in the NBA. Therefore, Zion is desperately losing weight this offseason. I came here to get my own money.

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Steve Novak fined $100,000 for owning a dog

There are not a few NBA players who keep pets, and many players’ pet dogs have also become top-notch. For example, Thompson’s pet dog Rocco is very famous. However, there is even a clause in the NBA that restricts players from keeping dogs! In the 2011 offseason, the Knicks and Novak signed a contract, and in the contract, the Knicks asked Novak not to keep dogs! Why is this? It turned out that Novak was allergic to dog hair, but he liked dogs very much. Therefore, the Knicks stipulated in the contract that if Novak was found to have a dog, he would be fined $100,000.

Jordan’s contract stipulates that he can play basketball anytime, anywhere

In the contracts of many NBA players, there is a stipulation that players are not allowed to play wild ball in the offseason at will, and must ask the team for instructions. This is because NBA players are the most important assets of the team. If they play wild ball casually in the offseason, if the injury leads to a season reimbursement, it will bring indelible losses to the team. Superstars are especially cautious. However, Jordan, who is the first player in NBA history, stipulated in the contract for the Bulls management that the team should not restrict itself from playing wild ball in the offseason. Jordan loves playing basketball very much, and especially likes to respond to the challenges of opponents. With this It was stipulated that Jordan could fix those who didn’t agree with him at any time during the offseason.

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Magic and Lakers sign 25-year deal

Generally, the term of a contract is about 4-5 years. In the 1990s, when the details of the NBA contract were not perfect, there were also precedents such as O’Neal’s rookie signing a 7-year 41 million yuan. However, there are very few in the NBA, and it can even be said that There has never been a 10-year paycheck, and Magic Johnson is an exception. In 1984, Magic and the Lakers signed a 25-year, $25 million super-long contract. This contract has more marketing significance for the Lakers, which is equivalent to announcing that Magic has played for the Lakers all his career, and Even though Magic announced his retirement in 1992, Old Buss still fully executed the contract and paid it off.

Russell earns $1 more than Chamberlain

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