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Five reasons why the British media Liesuo is dismissed from get out of class: confusion of thinking and reuse of Maguire_Solskjaer

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Original title: Five reasons why the British media Liesuo Shuai dismissed get out of class: confusion of thinking and reuse of Maguire

News from November 23, Beijing time, after Solskjaer’s get out of class, the British “Sun” listed the five major reasons for Solskjaer’s dismissal by Manchester United: confusion, defeat in the Europa League final, blind trust in the coaching staff, Reused Maguire and failed to activate Borg.

The biggest news in English football in these two days was Solskjaer’s dismissal of get out of class, and the “Sun” listed five reasons why Norwegians were fired:

One is the confusion of thinking. Solskjaer’s on-the-spot command has always been criticized. When should the team attack, when should it return to defense, and when should it be pressured by the audience, these key issues Solskjaer has never fully figured out. His tactical thinking Has been in a state of chaos. In addition, Sancho, who was brought in from Dortmund at a high price this summer, was struggling to play under Solskjaer. The Norwegian stubbornly placed the English talent who is best at playing the right on the left, making the latter completely unable to exert his power. Later, Solskjaer even placed Sancho on the right wing, which was called a “disaster” by many media.

Second, the UEFA Europa League final was defeated. After losing four consecutive semifinals, Solskjaer finally brought Manchester United to the Europa League final last season, but unfortunately missed the championship trophy. Although it was not the Champions League final, Manchester United desperately needed a championship trophy to boost morale. Solskjaer missed an excellent opportunity to prove himself.

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Third, blindly trust the coaching staff. As a rookie coach, Solskjaer needs capable and experienced assistants. However, among the members of Solskjaer’s coaching staff, Mike Phelan can be said to be rich in experience but insufficient in ability, while Carrick and McKenna are both rookies like Sochaux. Obviously, such a coaching team cannot do anything. The Norwegians provide enough help.

Fourth, reuse Maguire. As the defensive core and team captain, Maguire has been affected by injuries this season and is not at his best. Earlier, after three weeks of truce due to a calf injury, Maguire appeared directly in the starting lineup with Leicester City on October 16 after only one training session. The poor state of the Manchester United captain became the team’s loss. important reason. In fact, the defense led by Maguire has conceded 15 goals in 5 games.

Fifth, Pogba failed to activate. The performance of Pogba in the Juventus period and the French national team is obvious to all, and whether under Mourinho or Solskjaer, the French midfielder has never shown a stable and outstanding performance for a long time. This season, Pogba only had a shining performance at the beginning of the season, Solskjaer still has not fully activated the French genius.

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